What Is Hooponopono Healing? | Powerful Hawaiian Technique

What is Hooponopono?

The term itself is based on an ancient Hawaiian technique for forgiveness and can loosely be translated to “Correct a Mistake” or “Forgive Yourself”.

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In this guide, we will delve deeply into the art of Hooponopono prayer.

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Read through the guide slowly and carefully; take the time to really understand what is being taught.

By doing so, carrying out Hooponopono healing could be a much more successful and rewarding experience.

Attempting to rush through the prayers, the healing will not be complete and can leave prayers feeling unfulfilled and in a worse off situation than they were before.

Before the steps to practice Hooponopono healing is explained, it is a must to learn about what Hooponopono is, and the history behind the healing Hawaiians have used for generations.

Without a full appreciation of the art, it can't be learned to completion.

Each section has its own uses, and even if you feel experienced, keep reading on.

There might be information that helps you to heal better.

So, What Is Hooponopono Healing?


Hooponopono healing is the ancient Hawaiian practice involving reconciliation with others and the one needing to be healed, along with forgiveness and acceptance.

The most important part of the healing is to heal the relationships between people, whether they are family, the prayer themselves, friends, or other relations.

Even if they are strangers that you only met once or twice or a neighbor whom you cannot stand in the slightest, all relationships are important to the universe.

The process of healing focuses on solving problems as one, expressing thoughts and feelings politely and lovingly.

The space used for prayer should be calm and peaceful, used as a room for reflection, gratitude, and repentance.

The healing part comes from exchanging words that are helpful and contrite, rather than argumentative and not helpful.

When everyone involved with the prayer is fully involved with the Hooponopono rituals, the healing can start.

Hooponopono prayer revolves around the fact that everyone is responsible for their own reality while minding our own thoughts and feelings.

Even when someone has been personally wronged, prayer involves accepting the other person and listening to their words.

Together the wronged and instigator can heal each other and provide peace for the events that happened.

Heal Yourself and Others

Together We Can Heal the Earth

If the prayers are solely between the prayer and themselves, it is all about how to accept faults and events in life.

Talking out loud releases the emotions that have been hidden and allow for a peaceful expression of them without violence.

From sharing those words, even alone, you can find solace and heal.

There is a permanent tie between everyone on Earth, and though people may be separated by continents and oceans, everyone has an impact on one another.

Together We Can Heal the Earth

By helping to heal yourself or others the consciousness of the Earth may be healed.

In fact, by assisting others on their journey, you yourself could be healed and forgiven for wrongdoings.

Loving yourself and loving others is similar in Hooponopono healing.

By focusing on healing the path, it helps to heal yourself in the present, and the future that could have been harmed while being dragged down by bad thoughts.

What matters is understanding the part you played in events that you either participated in or witnessed.

Knowing the part you played in certain events can help you move on from bad things that have happened.

By adjusting thinking patterns, you further heal and accepted what was unable to be accepted before.

History Of Hooponopono Healing

History Of Hooponopono Healing

Much has been lost to history involving Hooponopono, but it is known the practice came from Hawaii.

The first teacher of Hooponopono was Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona.

Morrah was a well-respected healer and during 1983, she has designated a living treasure of Hawaii.

Throughout her life, she taught Hooponopono to both single students and groups of people, along with colleges, hospitals, and some United Nations members.

In the past, Hooponopono required the presence of a trained practitioner.

They would be an expert in the field of healing and often acted as a mediator between members.

This keeps the proceedings civil and moving forward.

Morrah also started the Foundation of I, Self-Identity Through Hooponopono” to raise awareness of Hooponopono around the world.

Later on, she updated the guidelines so that nobody has to be involved in prayer except the practitioner.

They don't even have to interact with anyone else outside of themselves during prayer, which opened up many more pathways for healing.

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Hooponopono Certification

The healing powers of Hooponopono would have most likely been little known today, but an author named Joe Vitale published a book called “Zero Limits.”

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Hooponopono Certification


The Hooponopono Prayer

The Hooponopono Prayer

There are four different steps in the prayer: repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love.

Each of these steps comes with an attached phrase.

Those phrases can be uttered at the appropriate times prayer and only add to the healing.

The more it is said, the more it can help, but some prayers find more impact by uttering the phrases a limited amount of times.

Either way, it is acceptable and a personal choice.

The phrases can be said in any order but said order might be adjusted depending on the healing that is needed.

  • “I am sorry.”
  • “Please forgive me.”
  • “Thank you.”
  • “I love you.”

Sometimes it feels unnatural to utter these words over and over again.

The more reluctant you feel to do so, the more healing might be needed to become at peace.

The healing could be swift and immediate, or it might take days, weeks, or months.

Everyone's path is different and there should be no judgment for the time needed to heal.

It Is Your Choice How To Pray

The relationship between the Hooponopono prayer and yourself is deeply personal.

It doesn't matter if, in your group, you prefer to pray a different way, that doesn't matter.

Find the most healing method of prayer and stick with it, or adjust as life changes around you.

The phrases mentioned above can be used in a variety of different situations like addressing your past, relationships with the Earth, or others around you and parentage.

It is also very possible to pray when there is no healing to be done.

Maintaining a daily or weekly allotment of time for prayer can be very soothing and prevent falling back into a deep hole where weeks of healing could need to be done all over again.

Silently meditating and chanting the words inside your head is also a great way of prayer.

Calming music could accompany this way of praying, or complete silence may be preferred.

Sometimes the questions you need to ask might not be obvious.

So here are some suggestions to get started

  • “Do I feel loved?”
  • “How do I wish to feel more love?”
  • “Where should I seek forgiveness?”
  • “Do I need forgiveness?”
  • “What am I most appreciative of?”

Many more questions are out there and the ones above are just where to begin.

Branch out from them and expand on your thoughts and where they lead you.

The biggest questions are great, but don't let the smaller ones be left behind and unaddressed.

Never hesitate to think about the question and let it fully form.

Rushing into prayer without using the time to think and mediate could have less healing then if you had waited.

Allow the answers to come by themselves.

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The Steps To Prayer

The Steps To Prayer

Each step to the prayer can be done out of order if needed for the best experience.

The order could be kept in the traditional path, or it can be done backward.

It doesn't matter.

Hooponopono healing was made to be adjusted for your needs.

Think about what works best on each stone of the path to becoming fully healed.

While the phrases explained below are typically kept the same, changes could be made for your healing needs.

As stated, again and again, Hooponopono healing is personal and if you need to change a few things to see improvement, there shouldn't be a bit of hesitation to do so.

Step One – “I'm Sorry”

Step One - "I'm Sorry"

As mentioned previously, you are responsible for your mind.

Even if it seems to be out of your control, it can always be reigned in and healed.

Even apologize for something that you feel couldn't possibly be your fault.

Something like this could be a violent hailstorm, a friend getting into a car accident or a family member falling ill.

Accepting responsibility for the problems that seem out of reach is the first step to healing.

Once acceptance of those things have been reached, then it is time to look inside yourself and heal from within.

Start With What Comes to Mind

Start with something that you know has been an obvious problem.

Do you need to lose weight?

Are you addicted to a substance like a drug or alcohol?

Have you severed ties with a friend or family member due to an argument?

It could be any number of things that are obvious and can be apologized for right away.

Starting with the bigger problems will lead to fixing the smaller ones, some of which you might not have even been aware of.

The first step may seem like an easy one, but it isn't.

I'm sorry.

Two small words that carry a lot of weight.

Acknowledge what you have done and learn to come to terms with it.

Only then can you move forward.

Step Two – “Please Forgive Me”

Step Two - "Please Forgive Me"

For this step, if you don't have a person or thing in mind, it doesn't matter who you say it to.

The important thing is to hold onto the feelings from step one.

Use that remorse and put it to use by genuinely asking for forgiveness.

If the person or thing in question doesn't fully believe the remorse you feel, forgiveness won't be offered.

Sometimes it could be days, or weeks of prayer before you feel that forgiveness has been accepted by the recipient.

This is easier to understand when in a group setting, and harder when alone.

Say it over and over and over. “Please forgive me.” “Please forgive me.”

Mean it with every part of your heart and soul.

Forgiveness will eventually come.

Step Three – “Thank You”

Step Three - "Thank You"

Just like step two, if you don't have a certain thought in mind when thanking, it doesn't matter.

Thank the Earth for supporting you, thank your body for continuing to exist, thank yourself for striving to be the best you can.

Thank God.

Thank whoever you just sought forgiveness from.

Like the other steps, meaning it with every part of yourself is important.

If you are participating in a group healing, show the utmost respect to the one you are thanking.

Make them understand just how important they are to you and the world around them.

Try not to thank them for something generic, but find something deeply personal that they would know was for them alone.

By thanking that person, it could be a big step for their own healing.

Someone who doesn't feel like they are appreciated by anyone in their life would find peace and healing from being thanked so sincerely.

As for your own healing, if you were asking for forgiveness for being self-centered, showing appreciation for someone other than yourself can be another step of your own to healing.

Just like step two, say thank you over and over. “Thank you.” “Thank you.” As many times as you can.

Thank everything you can imagine and more.

Showing gratitude to the world around you will bring peace and acceptance.

With time, healing too will come.

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Step Four – “I Love You”

This step is also a good beginning instead of the previously mentioned step one.

Professing love can be amazingly healing, whether it is towards yourself or others.

Say “I love you” to as many things as possible.

Love to the Earth, God, the creatures around you, the home that you live in.

To the neighbors next door, to the mailman.

Say “I love you” to yourself.

Love to your hair, your eyes, the freckles on your cheeks.

Love everything about yourself and the universe.

While in a group setting you don't have to express love to the other members, but it is a great idea.

Include them in the span of your love that encompasses everything.

Without Love, There Would Be No Hope

Love is the most powerful emotion on the planet and it should be treated as such.

On this step maybe more than any others, say it. “I love you,” “I love you,” “I love you.”

The more you say it the easier it becomes to believe, both about yourself and other beings in the universe.

Accepting love is a major part of healing and without it, moving forward is impossible.

Benefits of Hooponopono

By practicing Hooponopono healing with regularity, there are numerous benefits.

These benefits can assist in all areas of life.

Cleansing of Memories

Those who suffer from reliving a traumatic experience while awake or dreaming could find solace in this healing.

When the healing is complete, the bad memories are cleansed and dealt with so that they are no longer at the forefront of thought.

Personal Responsibility

The thought of answering to your own actions may seem tough, or impossible.

However, throughout the healing process, it will become surprisingly easy.

By taking control of what you do, it is easy to fight back in challenging circumstances and not simply be the victim.

Emotional Stability

Emotional balance is achieved when you engage in soothing and mind-clearing prayer.

Finding a balance lets you make better choices throughout life and maintain a better outlook on the world around you.

Better Relationships

Hooponopono helps people to understand that they have an impact on the world.

Everybody else is not always the problem and they play a part in every interaction between themselves and others.

Embracing this lets the practitioner know that they should make adjustments.


It could seem like a daunting idea to put Hooponopono into use.

But it isn't needed for you to believe in any particular god or religion at all, no be isolated.

Just repeat the phrases in the order that most speak to you.

“I'm sorry,” “Forgive me,” “I love you,” “Thank you.”

It could be done at work during stressful situations, during quiet times at home, or even at the grocery store.

There is no set place that Hooponopono healing has to be done.

It is far better to do it often and for a short time than for longer periods of time after letting stress and other negative emotions build up.

Embrace the feelings of compassion, relaxation, and the release of stress.

Don't be discouraged if that doesn't happen right away!

Nor should you become frustrated if someone else heals far faster.

Everyone has their own struggles to work through and walks their own path.

Some paths are straight, while others are long and winding, or have many forks along the way.

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