What Is a Twin Flame Soulmate? Signs And Purpose EXPLAINED

In todays post, we're gonna answer the question, What is a twin flame soulmate?

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What is a twin flame soulmate?

twin flame soulmate

A twin flame is a different concept to a soulmate.

The idea of the twin flame is that it's a part of your soul.

The same soul that you have, is split into two, and each part of this soul is known as one of the
twin flames.

Here's the idea in a nutshell..

When a soul ascends high enough, it can split into two.

Each of those two souls can inhabit when incarnate in a different physical body.

There's been many different names and descriptions for this.

Chances are if you've been having weird dreams about a particular guy or girl, right someone you maybe have seen once in real
life but you not sure why you keep dreaming about.

There's a good chance they might be your twin flame.

I know this concept might sound a bit strange and even a little bit crazy.

I completely understand that, but here's what I'll encourage you to do if you've been having dreams about the same person.

I would encourage you to be open-minded with this stuff.

Now if you've been following this channel for a long time you know that I am very much into lucid dreaming.

I'm very much into spirituality and psychology and all of this these types of topics.

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It might be that your reaction to this topic, in particular, is going to be probably similar to my reaction when I
first read about the concept of lucid dreaming.

Which was, that can't be real.

However, when I compared it to my own experience, which I had had when I had my first lucid dream it was by accident.

I thought, oh okay, maybe it is legitimate, maybe that is something that could be real, and something I should explore.

Many people, especially the followers of this channel, that's new to the concept of lucid dreaming, probably thought it sound crazy, right?

If someone said to you, just out of the blue, – “by the way, can actually control your dreams and wake up a part of your mind.”

-“Also, and within this dream world you can control everything and it all feels incredibly real”.

You would think they were nuts right?

It doesn't sound like it would be real.

It doesn't sound like it would be something that's possible, but it is!

Is Twin Flames For Real?

is twin flames for real?

That's my advice when I when I talk about things like Twin Flames.

I know sounds crazy and a lot of you won't believe in the concept of the soul and
life incarnations.

This sort of spiritual talk might sound a bit crazy to you, and I completely understand that.

There's two different sides to this lucid dreaming audience.

There's a side which just purely wants to have the escapism associated with lucid dreaming, and they relate very strongly
to the science aspects of lucid dreaming.

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The provable skills and the testable things that you can do in a lab.

Then, there's the other side.

Those who are more open-minded to things like spirituality, the soul, the afterlife, karma and that sort of things.

That's what I would call the more spiritual view of the lucid dreaming.

If you're watching this and you think this is absolute nonsense, you don't even want to listen anymore, that's fine.

Go do something else.

If this resonates with you however.

Are You a Believer or a Skeptic?

twin flame journey

If you do believe in the afterlife, in something after death and in some form of creator or
intelligent design for this world.

Then keep watching, because there's a good chance that this would appeal to you.

Like I said before if you've been having dreams about the same person, they could be what's called your twin flame.

Now I'm not going to go into too much detail on twin flames in this video, because I just wanted to find out if there's anyone here in this audience that actually is interested in this whole thing.

So if you are, what I would do is I would consider going and subscribing to my other channel called Twin Flame Guides.

Guys this is a channel I set up with my twin flame, who I'm currently with now, she's my girlfriend and we set up this channel to help people like you.

People who may be experiencing dreams where you dream about the same person or you feel like there's
someone out there just perfect for you.

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