What Is a Spiritual Awakening? Journey Into Awakening of Consciousness

What Is a Spiritual Awakening? Today we're listening to Eckhard Tolle. One of the biggest thought leaders of our time. Here, he talks about the journey into awakening.

Something that is relevant for everyone of us. Especially in today's world of stress and difficulties.

Close your facebook and all other things that are pocking for your attention.

Take a moment and just listen to what this great man is talking about.

Who knows, this might be the start of your own journey into awakening.

The video is loosely translated below.

Let's begin.

Maybe we are here, not only by coincidence, but also by a kind of synchronism.

At a moment of political crisis, there is a huge group of people gathered here.

They focus on spiritual awakening and the necessary inner peace that comes with awakening.

And not just here, in the rest of the world as well.

The Process of Awakening

the process of awakening

Most of you come here because you are ready experience, I call it “The process of awakening”

I'm very sure that some of you already have awakened, and just enjoyed listening to me.

Maybe one or two of you came here against your free will, because of your partner or a relative or a friend.

There is a sad fact that those who really need to come here, will not come, but that's just the way it is.

Awakening will eventually come to humanity as a whole and now at this moment, a certain part of humanity is beginning to undergo this evolutionary transition.

I sometimes call it “conscious awakening”.

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I guess although I have no specific plans for this evening, I feel that it will be about the awakening of human consciousness.

Not only about awakening of consciousness.

I feel this evening will become one of the central parts of the awakening happening all over the planet.

So I hope that this evening will not only be interesting or entertaining at the conceptual level, but to be “experiential” to you.

“Experiential” is beyond conceptual and understanding.

I want you to experience when we are together this evening!

Go experience or deepen, because most of you are already going through this transition.

The Transformation of Consciousness

The Transformation of Consciousness

This evening is for you to go deeper into the transformation of consciousness.

Maybe some of you didn’t really want to come and got dragged by someone here.

You may suddenly get your first glimpse of what I mean by awakening, which is called Satori in Zen.

Humans have been going through a very slow evolutionary process until now.

You will have noticed that humans are very slow learners.

They repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

That leads to their suffering.

They repeat again and again at the individual and the collective level.

Political figures make the same mistakes.

That's until they reach a point, they can no longer bear the suffering.

This is often a good point of reach.

Then, suddenly an inner opening are happening.

Suffering Has Its Purpose

purpose of suffering

Without your suffering, most of you, even I would not be here.

So, in retrospect, we can thank those individuals who have experienced the suffering, because it brought us to this point.

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This point of awareness.

This also applies to the human as a whole.

This human can be considered as an organism/creature.

It is gradually evolved collective consciousness.

Every individual is an expression of collective human consciousness, and human collective consciousness is the expression of cosmic consciousness.

The Greatest Mystery of This Universe!

Maybe this is a good starting point for this evening.

The greatest mystery of this universe.

Not outside, not the mysteries of galaxies and black holes in outer space.

Not the extraordinary of amazing countless galaxies that exist.

The greatest mysteries (which are not the atomic and subatomic worlds explored by scientists at the level of incredible atoms).

Those we only understand a little bit about.

Just like we only know a small part of outer space, you have two scopes and two mysteries: the macro world and the micro world.

Great scientists have written many books about the mysteries of the universe.

Surprisingly many of these books, which are really good, always leave out the word consciousness.

It is the most important and basic mystery at all.

In fact, the universe is conscious.

This is the most amazing miracle of it all.

How do I know that the universe is conscious?

Well, I am conscious.

You are conscious.

The universe is conscious in us.

The universe experiences itself as a human for a short time, It also experiences itself as a plant or an animal.

This is an amazing thing!

Now, even if it is possible that scientists will never figure out what consciousness is.

You see, scientists concentrate on looking out, seeing outer space or the interior of matter.

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But what scientists don’t see is their own consciousness.

That is the universe watching itself.

So if you want to have a beer later, at least you know the secret of this universe.

This is just a very short piece out of Eckhart Tolle's philosophy about counsciousness and the inner awakening.

If you would like to know more about it, we suggest that you check out his channel and also his website.

He has apart from that, written books that really make you stop and think about yourself, how to be precent in the moment etc.

Thank you for today!

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