Spiritual Metaphysics | How to Earn Degrees In Metaphysics

If you are interested in Spiritual Metaphysics and want to know how to get a degree in the field, continue to read.

Today, we will give you the path to go if you are ready to deepen your knowledge in this spiritual subject.

By itself, the word spiritual doesn't seem too intimidating.

However, when it is combined with “metaphysics,” that draws enough attention to gain curiosity from anyone hearing it for the first time.

The complicated nature of metaphysics could turn people away, but it deserves to be given a chance.

The art is not as complicated as it sounds on the surface, so beginners can definitely gain a grasp of it.

There is a chance to delve deeply into it and become a true master.

A Definition That Have Shifted Over the Years

Spiritual Degrees In Metaphysics

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the definition of spiritual metaphysics is not definite.

The definition has shifted over the years, but one thing has remained constant.

Both students and teachers of spiritual metaphysics alike describe it as how the spirit and physical worlds meet and interact.

A combination of scientific, religious, and philosophical concepts all went into the creation of this art.

The best way to explain this simply is to understand the different parts and explain each one of them.

The spiritual part revolves around people and their thoughts, belief systems, and internal self.

It is the nonphysical experiences that people have throughout their lives.

Metaphysics looks past the physical realm and our understanding of it.

Practitioners want to know our place in the universe and why we exist in the first place.

It is important to remember that spirituality is based on experiences and metaphysics is philosophical.

Therefore, spiritual metaphysics is the belief that our reality isn't based on the physical, but instead the spiritual.

The 7 Laws of Metaphysical Spirituality

The Laws of Metaphysical Spirituality

There are seven laws in this art and practitioners seek to follow them all.

By doing so, it helps them to live the best they can be and concentrate on improving themselves.

Some of the laws might seem odd or strict at first, or go against how you have been acting throughout your life.

However, learning to change your behaviors is a good thing.

It lets you leave behind poor and harmful actions and become the best you can become.

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The Law of Life

This law is about encouraging practitioners to look at how they interact with the world around them and to think about those interactions deeply.

By treating the world around you with respect and good actions, good actions will be bestowed upon you as well.

If you treat the world poorly and act in a negative manner, then bad things will come upon you.

The relationship between you and your environment is a balance and it should be respected.

The Law of Abundance

When you provide help to someone in need, the rewards will come back to you ten times over.

It doesn't matter if these acts were a form of service, like helping someone after a medical procedure, spending time with them, or simply sharing kind words.

Acts of goodness will be rewarded with more good vibes and positive thoughts or events.

The Law of Compensation

This law is very much like the idea of karma.

By putting positive work into the world, the world will return your efforts in a positive manner.

On the opposite side, if you engage in acts that harm the environment, then the events that surround you will be increasingly negative.

Do good acts and good will come to you. Do harmful acts and the consequences could be severe.

The Law of Truth

This law tells how honesty is the best path and it will see great rewards over committing lies.

You should always tell the truth, but when doing so, make sure to be compassionate, polite, and have discretion.

There is no need to be hurtful while remaining honest.

Finding the balance between honesty, politeness, and discretion is a must.

There is no need to spout truths for no reason than causing harm.

That goes against the other laws and goals of metaphysics.

The Law of Freedom

This law is one, if not the most, important laws.

Practitioners of metaphysics have no belief in a God or another powerful figure.

They know they have total control over their actions.

Free will is of utmost importance. Because of that, you have total control of your actions.

Controlling your thought process is in your hands and yours alone.

Free will is part of every other law in that your actions have consequences and in nearly all cases, nobody else is responsible for them.

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The Law of Love

There is a force in the universe, present in all life forms.

It surrounds them, no matter what kind of being.

The energy manifests as the power of love.

Love is everywhere and is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

The Law of Perfection

Because everything has a piece of the creative force inside them, which is perfect, all beings have the chance to become perfect.

True perfection can only be achieved when you have spiritual and earthly balance, engage in positive activities and actions, and keep your thoughts open and happy.

All of these laws are important and should be followed.

Doing so will help you become a better person and increase your all-around well-being.

The rewards will come in time.

If you struggle with certain laws, devote yourself to them even more.

Practice embracing them and the ease to follow the laws you have difficulty with will come in time.

Metaphysics Practices

Metaphysics Practices

Practitioners of metaphysics can work with a number of different things like crystals, talismans, and stones.

Everyone has different preferences.

Using these things can provide protection against negative energies around you.

Pendents can have stones and crystals embedded within them, along with talismans that suit the situation.

Multiple pendants can be made for different situations.

Stones and crystals are easily carried in a pocket, purse, or backpack when space is a concern or if you don't like necklaces.

Good stones to use include black tourmaline, tigers eye, and hematite.

Any other dark stone is also a good choice.

These types of stones can offer protection and shielding.

Lesser-Known Options of Protection

There are other, lesser-known options, but these are the best ones to use for the most possible protection.

Protecting yourself against the negative forces around yourself is of utmost importance for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Metaphysical practices offer people protection from the bad energy that is impossible to see.

Through using the elements and the power of your mental strength, strong barriers between you, and the harmful forces of the world.

Degrees In Metaphysics

Degrees In Metaphysics

Gaining a degree in metaphysics allows you to become a teacher to others and become a master of the practice.

There is a lot to be learned from taking classes.

Teachers in the field have spent years studying their craft and they will often have knowledge not found in books or videos.

Because this kind of degree is considered “offbeat,” it can often be cheaper than a traditional degree.

That doesn't mean it should be looked down upon.

There are careers to be found in metaphysics and practitioners can easily lead happy and successful lives.

The largest school for obtaining a degree in metaphysics is the University of Sedona in Arizona.

They have been a leader in the area of metaphysics since 1959 and have remained a topnotch school for anyone interested in the subject.

They have great prices and highly talented teachers.

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Doctor of Metaphysics

Doctor of Metaphysics

Becoming a doctor of metaphysics is one of the many career choices the University of Sedona offers.

On this path, you can become a counselor and guide those who need mental help.

You could also become a scientific doctor and move down the path of writing books, teaching, and holding conferences to pass on knowledge.

To obtain these degrees will take more time, but by the end, you will have a doctorate in metaphysics.

If this path isn't for you, don't worry.

There are many other careers to be found and the university will work with you to find the best one.

They have studied for years and if you are honest about your goals in life, they will not lead you astray.

Trust them to help you see the most success.


The path to becoming a master of metaphysics can be however long you wish.

You can learn from books and videos and be happy with practicing it for yourself alone.

Or you could go on and obtain a degree, or attend other classes and group sessions to learn even more.

Either way, it is okay.

Any type of belief you decide is personal and perfectly acceptable.

Even if you are the only person you know who practices metaphysics, or wants to do so, that shouldn't be something that turns you away from it.

There are always resources to connect with others if you wish.

It can also be a solo experience.

Pick up some books, read through the guide again, and learn about metaphysics.

It is a deeply rewarding belief system that brings peace to you and the energies that surround you.

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