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This video is so amazing. John de Ruiter is a thought leader with a following on Youtube. In the video above, a person shares his spiritual awakening stories

This video is so amazing. John de Ruiter is a thought leader with a following on Youtube.

In the video above, a person shares his spiritual awakening stories, and John gives advice.

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For the last few months John, I have had moments that were like enlightenment spaces.

Suddenly everything seemed loose and very clear.

Then I was very excited, I experienced great joy and I said: Oh, it's great.

I came forward, then everything I thought before that was free and clear, became a wall.

This is how it felt.

John Answers

It just hasn't worked out yet.

spiritual awakening

It just hasn't worked out yet.

When you get into it, it's like you download beautiful models files to an amazing house, and you can see it, you feel it, everything makes sense, it's so real.

Then you take a few steps forward to start building it and nothing works.

This is quite so.

The house in its shape is not there yet, but what you know and see is real.

For it to become real in your walk as a person.

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It's different from realizing what you know in your heart.

There is much more inherent form in you as a person, than there is in your self, and even more than in your heart.

Questionaire continues to explain

It seems not enough that only at heart level do I get flashes from that.

It will be a shame if it fails to come in and form, it feels right here sometimes.

It needs to come through.

John Continues

What matters is the way it will come.

What matters is the way it will come.

The whole way there, in your heart.

It has not yet reached yourself and your person.

The more form it has to go through, the more cohesive it will be, the more difficult your experience will be.

When you try to move as a person, in a way that you are very clear to you in your heart.

As soon as you move as a person, it's like bumping into a wall.

Everything you do doesn't work, to what you know.

So your experience of it, within yourself is just frustrating.

But if you stay in your heart in the midst of this difficulty, you will develop and learn.

Questionaire continues

I am aware that in my relationship, there are things that are still unresolved, as you said.

Things I'm not ready to step into yet.

And there are things I know that I didn't necessarily infer from my deepest clarity or parts where I have deeper clarity.

soul awakening

When I told her (to my wife) about how I came to Canada, she was almost surprised that I took my.. (Starts crying), with such seriousness.

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Don't know it's like I have two sides.

You might notice that too?

John Continues

john de ruiter

For the first time when you decided to come (to Canada) because of what you responded to, you gave up everything.

And the prices you paid became minimal for you.

Everything was fine, you were clear.

As you shift that clarity more into form, you need to do the same thing again.

You will give up everything.

And start with almost nothing.

But that almost nothing is rich and golden.

Each form you move into will involve more complex difficulties than the previous one.

In principle, you will pass through the same cycle you went through last time.

But every time you go through such a cycle, you mix a more coherent form.

It worked in the past and you loved it.

It will work again and later, you will love it.


Thank you

Yeah that's pretty clear

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