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Welcome! Today's post is about Life Path Number 9 Compatibility and gives you all the facts about the Life Path number 9.

The video above is from Jo Rose, a competent numerologist. We have transcribed the video into text, if you are more of a reading person.

So, let's get going.

Hi there!

In this video, I'm sharing with you Life Path 9.

This is a part of my Life Path series.

In that series, there is an intro video that explains the importance of your birthday, your date of birth and
your Life Path number.

Also included in that video, is how to correctly calculate your Life Path number.

If Life Path 9 is the path that you have chosen this time, great!

I will share that in a moment.

It could be yours or it could be your partners, your children, your parents, your friends,
siblings, work colleagues, etc.

It's great knowing other people's paths and with all my videos there's always great snippets of information that will
benefit everyone in some way shape or form.

So let's come back to Life Path 9.

Old Soul and Numerology

old soul numerology

Firstly the Life Path is not who we are but who we've come to grow into and for
you, you've chosen the Life Path 9.

This is probably the most challenging Life Path of the 1 to 9 Life Paths, excluding Master Numbers.

This particular path is all about the humanitarian, the number that supports the underdogs.

This is the number of the ‘old soul', this isn't our first time here and numerology will
always state that we've been here before.

As an old soul, you will have understood and experienced many lifetimes, much pain and much joy.

It is from understanding the pain that makes you the go-to person for the others,
especially the underdogs.

This is the number of ‘in-service'.

You've understood joy, having gone through the pain and this is why you want to help others.

Numerology Number 9 Personality

Numerology Number 9 Personality

However, the 9 is the number that understands or will, throughout this lifetime, understand
all the numbers 1 to 9.

During this lifetime you will be taught or not taught…

Because you've already experienced it, but you will experience in this lifetime all the numbers because your biggest thing is ‘forgiveness'.

It's time to let go, to conclude, to complete, to finalize.

Many things and forgiveness is not about the other, it's not condoning whatever they've done but it's
about releasing.

You will go through situations in this lifetime that will teach you to own your individuality, your uniqueness.

To work on relationships and find a harmonious peaceful way of living.

To express yourself not just verbally but creatively.

To create strong, secure, steady, robust foundations.

To experience diversity and be able to go with the flow.

To nurture and grow those around you, the environment around you, people around you.

To seek and search your own truth, to analyze and understand, to use insight and

To create the bigger picture and balance the material and the spiritual.

Life Path No 9 – Not For The Weak

Life Path 9 can be pretty rough, but creates strong souls.

These are the lessons that the 9 has to learn and it's quite a heavy burden.

You've got to work through these, in order to be the best giver that you can, be because the 9 is the number of giving.

Now, to the outside world, the 9 appears to have it all together and no fault of your own,
they place you on a pedestal.

It's like you've got the wisdom, the intellect, the insight, the stamina, and all that they lack and they look
to you for it.

You show this and in this you can to some appear to be very strong.

You might possibly switch from being all calm and charismatic in one moment, to
being aggressive, fired up, and agitated in the next.

What's triggering you is the fact that you are not fully in the moment, that you haven't totally forgiven
the wrongs that have been done to you and it causes you to be triggered.

This is the number, as I said, of the humanitarian.

Also the number of the environmentalist, the number of the victim, the poor me and the underdog.

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How are you going to work with this?

What do you need to develop in this lifetime?

life path 9 journey

Well, you need to develop, first of all, understanding all those other numbers (1-9).

You need to work on, continually forgiveness, letting go and release.

So let's, before we work out what we've got, maybe let's look at what we've got to
release or we'll probably do yours both together in this case.

So the biggest thing for the 9 is entanglement, enmeshment.

When Enough Is Enough

Chances are you were born into a family, an environment and it possibly is to
some extent dogmatic, demanding, narcissistic or, somehow it leaves you
feeling, that you've got to fix everything.

It could be, if we think generations ago, where the family business was handed down, generation
after generation, and what this lifetime for you as the 9 is, to say whoa!

I'm individual, I'm unique, I want to do my own thing.

Sorry pops. Sorry ma. I'm not carrying on with the family business, umm… that doesn't mean the family business
need to fail
, it could continue with one of your other siblings or perhaps, need to get sold.

It was their dream or their father's dream and the 9 is here to cut the ties of the past and make a new path for the future.

9 is the ending.

Come back next time, it could be a 1 Energy.

So it's the enmeshment that we get and what is that?

It's the lack of boundaries. Now, I shared in the 4 video about having boundaries, being confined to boundaries, and pushing them out.

The life path 9 has no boundaries, it doesn't know when it's somebody else's or themselves, and
you need to start creating boundaries.

Firstly so that you can realign yourself, fill yourself up before you can be the be all of everything.

You were born ‘in-service, you need to decide how you want to serve, not fixing everybody else's

When you know what it is that you want to do (and it could be a very creative path), then go and do that creativity and when you've filled up you're able to radiate your wealth of wisdom, your creativity, your insight, your knowledge, your intuition for humanity and the environment.

My Daughter Has Life Path 9

life path 9 creativity

That's quite interesting because my daughter has this Life Path number; the 9 and she's very creative, all her numbers come in together.

They're just all creative numbers and I said to her perhaps your path is a graphic designer for the environment and what's really interesting is, most of the projects have got great marks have been a humanity environmentally type project.

So there is something in there that is working for her and humanity, and she's on a Life Path 9.

Then, you probably are thinking, well she's coming from an enmeshed family, and possibly that is true, but I will not divulge in any of those things.

So you need to develop an understanding of the self, of forgiveness.

And forgiveness is not as I've said before. It's not condoning what they've done, but it's looking at if you could forgive and let go
how much lighter would you feel?

What would you do with the energy and time that wasn't caught up, tightened, pinned down, weighing you down?

Because you couldn't forgive someone or something.

So forgiveness is something you need to develop, higher learning, healing energy.

Forgiveness is very healing and to start off with if you can't forgive another person, forgive yourself for not being
able to forgive.

Forgive yourself for feeling that you've been misunderstood or taken advantage of or drained in some way.

This is a number of ebb and flow, so when you forgive, you create more space for something else.

If you can spend some time out in nature, calm, meditating, you are allowing a better understanding to
calm down.

This is the highest number of the numerology numbers, it is nearer to source as they say and if you're not being pulled down with the energy, then you will have more answers.

You are being asked to become tolerant and compassionate.

Know When To Help and When Not To

We're all on our own journey and while you may be able to see and understand someone else's mistakes, they may not be ready to hear it and if they are, don't fix it or don't preach to them.

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Often we find the 9 as a preacher..

Let go of preaching, wait to be asked instead.

Become an adviser, become a go-to when they're ready and not before they're ready.

It's about giving without reward, you can only do that when you filled yourself up, when you've released everything.

The 9 Energy is very much a temperamental number; One minute you're hot, one minute you're cold.

One minute you're charismatic, one minute you're aggressive, that's what you need to work on.

That energy doesn't serve you and you want to be able to walk around calmer, it may feel unrealistic but the calmer you are the calmer the environment around you will become.

You need to release bitterness, the past, the wrongdoings, manipulation, impatience, defensiveness.

These are all the things that come up and the only reason they come up is you over give, you've drained yourself, so take a step back, take time out.

Take a Time Out And Re-Energize

number nine numerology

Go for a retreat, go close yourself off for a while so that you can start working on this and understanding.

Accept that everything is as it is… and that there's no good or bad.

So if somebody's wrong, done a wrongdoing to you, what if that was a gift?

What if it was a gift that helped you alter something else?

9 is a number of transformation and that's what you're here to do, is to transform.

The Caterpillar-Cocoon-Butterfly


It's the number of the butterfly, the caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly.

When you get to the point of the butterfly, it wasn't easy, was it?

You had to start this slow steady journey, you had to take it all in as a caterpillar munches its
leaves, then you end up tightly wrapped in a cocoon.

To really understand the Life Path 9, you want to get into that cocoon now, and start working your way

The way out that allows you to feel light, not heavy, to spread your wings and
to fly, to fly high.

Then you are up there and then people can see you in your true essence, your true glory.

Your allies in this lifetime would be.. Well all of them, because you need to learn from all of them.

Your allies are often teaching you something to help you understand your own Life Path.

Normally the allies are a number either side of your number, in your case it would be the 8 and the 1.

Because the 1 would be the next after the 9.

So the 8 is all about teaching you to reclaim your personal power.

So, by forgiving others you can take back your power, by staying true to you, you can take back your power.

It's All About Balancing

It's about balancing or understanding the difference between power and respect.

Power can be manipulative, dominating, grinding down.

People can get what they want through fear but the best way is to raise respect.

Have respect for others but have total respect for yourself.

How you treat yourself is how others would treat you, so respect yourself, your energy, well-being, wisdom, and all that you
have to offer and others will do the same.

You're here to raise others up, not fix it for others but raise them up.

Share stories, share enlightenment but most of all grab hold of the 3 Energy, all the numbers as I said and start shining,
become the inspiration that drives others to be their better self.

This is what you're here for. To make the world a better place or appear to be better.

It's about karmic balance; material and spiritual.

What goes around comes around, so it may be that you're doing a lot of forgiving, that you're letting go and it's not feeling right just yet.

Don't expect it to come back from that person, somebody could be taking a lot from you and that could
drain you, but take some time and think, who's giving to you?

Switch your focus to the one that serves you the most and not the one that's depleting you.

Let People Learn From Some of Their Mistakes

The 1 Energy is telling you to own your uniqueness, to be an individual.

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Remember us that it's about breaking free from the enmeshment, from the family, for feeling like you've got to care for your parents, care for your children or your grandchildren.

I'm not saying don't but don't make it your sole responsibility for their past or their future or their mistakes or their

It's up to them to do that.

Become self-aware of who you are and how you affect others but most importantly how you affect yourself.

The 9, A Different Kind of Leader

Lead alongside others.

The 1 and the 8 are leaders, the 9 is a leader as well, but a very humanitarian leader.

Whereas the 8 and 1 are quite powerful, (the 8 is the CEO leader) and (the 1 is the innovator type leader).

The individual leader, the 9, is about bringing it all together.

This is not the easiest Life Path, and many 9's get physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

That's because they are working continually on all four aspects of the body.

All I'm saying is, you'll only become your true 9 Life Path when you can release and let go.

I know this might sound a bit awkward being at the end of my video, but if your life was to come to an end right
now, all those that you leave behind would have to get on with it by themselves anyway.

So allow them to get on with it and when they come to you for advice, then give it, don't fix it.

If they have to pay someone or if they need child care, let them pay someone else or pay you.

Don't allow people to use your generosity and your kindness without it filling you up.

Is there anything else I want to say?

Rebel Without a Cause


This number can make you a rebel, a bit like a rebel without a cause or rebel with too many causes.

Because you're tired of hearing everybody's stories, you're probably tired of the governments, you're probably
tired of politics, tired of the way everything is working.

You know from a higher perspective, there is a better way.

Just that most people aren't self aware or awakened as much as you are.

It's an amazing life, that you have chosen.

It's a life for Humanity and not yourself.

Regarding relationships; it can be quite a challenge to feel totally loved and honored intimately by a 9.


Well, because 9 is there for everybody, so be mindful if you have a partner that you
do give them time and that you take time yourself.

Be mindful that you're making everybody equal.

Not everybody is your friend, your children aren't all adult minded or they don't all think like you.

It's not equal.

So learn to treat people where they are and not where you want them to be.

It will make your world much easier.

Last Words From Jo

Hmm… is there anything else I want to say?

Maybe not.

Thank you for watching.

I hope you've enjoyed this video. If you have please give me a thumbs up. If there is
something that comes to mind about the 9 Life Path and you've got any
questions, please leave them in the comments below.

If you want to add anything to this, again leave them in the comments below.

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The Life Path is just, what is happening to you, and what you need to grow from.

You've bought the skills, so with a 9 Life Path you may have a 3, a 1, a 7, as some of your core numbers.

Numbers that are here to help you understand this more.

Thank you for watching. My name is Jo Rose. I'll see you in my next video.

So, that was the video about Life Path Number 9 Compatibility and other lessons about what goes on in the life of a Life Path 9 person.

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