Kasamba Review | How to Get Unlimited FREE Minutes

Have you heard of Kasamba and want to know how it really works? Then this Kasamba review will give you a full understanding of this psychic reading platform.

Many people online want to know the real future of their relationships, love statuses, and career readings.

They all come to Kasamba to ask the relevant questions to solve their career, love, questions for past family members, etc.

However, Kasamba is more than a love reading app.

It is an app that can change your life for the better if you listen to the good advice offered there.

Many psychics are trained professionals who know how to approach each individual and advise everyone who is looking for the right answers.

In this Kasamba review, we go deeper into the question: “Is Kasamba a legit and truthful app for a psychic reading online?”

We will tell you the whole truth about this major platform, and also show you how you can get unlimited free minutes via our blog.

Let's dig into it.

How Does Kasamba Work and What Are the Benefits?

kasamba review

Kasamba is a world-renowned company that's known for its seriousness.

This isn't a platform that just takes your money without giving you your money's worth.

Other websites, you are advised to invest a certain amount of money or pay for a subscription to be able to start getting answers to your questions.

At Kasamba, this is not the case.

You can search for the psychic profile and decide whether to try them out, or not.

Psychics have their profiles unlocked so that you can see their experience, previous
accomplishments, and current status.

This option gives you a lot of freedom to select the right psychic for your exact case.

You may find a psychic for love troubles or the one who can be the perfect fit for your career path.

No matter which psychic you choose, you will be amazed by the professionalism they all invest here.

Most psychics are trained to provide excellent service at an affordable price, making
Kasamba a perfect place for everyone on a tight budget.

Once you go through the psychic's profiles, you can decide on the payment options and pay as you go.

How to Get Started on Kasamba

Signing in is easy, and you'll be asked to provide only the necessary information about yourself.

Once you start, the selection of psychics will amaze you, and you will indeed find the person who can help you with your career, relationships, and life in general.

Many psychics will be ready to assists you no matter what question you may have or what struggles you may be experiencing at the moment.

Everything is confidential, and you can be sure that the good psychic can help you find the relevant solution for the problem you may have.

The Kasamba app is designed to help each individual on a personal level.

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What to Expect from the Kasamba App?

kasamba reviews

Of course, you cannot expect miracles here.

The Kasamba app is not designed to guide you through life, but it is undoubtedly intended to show you some ways to go through life more easily.

Simultaneously, the right psychic can help you understand life better, which is indeed a huge help.

With the Kasamba app, you will be introduced to the problem from a different perspective, which will give you more insights into a particular situation.

You may struggle with your financial status or your marriage.

A psychic can help you go through the situation in a better way.

Similarly, a psychic can solve some troubles that you have with your friends or business partners, or if you need contact with someone on the other side.

Many different people with different backgrounds come to Kasamba to find their solutions to the problem, and you are not any exception.

You will certainly find a solution that you are looking for with the help of the psychic professionals.

How Much Does Kasamba Cost?

free kasamba

By now, you might have understood that there is a way of getting advice for free via our reader bonus link.

By joining our free newsletter, you will not only be getting 3 free minutes with every medium on Kasamba, but you will also get tons of free spiritual courses and books.

Check out this deal 

If you find a psychic medium that you really like and connect to, you need to pay per chat-minute.

You are probably asking how much money you should invest in the Kasamba app?

The amount is related to the expectations that you might have at the beginning.

Once you sign in, you will be asked for a credit or debit card information, or your PayPal account information.

You can use the Kasamba app if you pay from $1.99 to $30 per minute.

Of course, the amount depends on the psychic medium status, credentials, and ratings.

If you choose the person with a considerable reputation, the amount can go even over $30 per minute, but it all depends on your actual budget and expectations.

Trained Not to Waste Your Time and Budget

Kasambas medium professionals here are trained not to waste your money and time, and you will get precisely what you pay for.

The app is way too long on the market, and it completes the journey of tarot, psychic, and medium readings that are crucial when it comes to this kind of service.

Is Kasamba Legit? What to Expect?

is kasamba legit

As said above, Kasamba is a worldwide company that bring psychic mediums to you, with the help of a smart little app.

It's rated as Great by Trustpilot, which makes Kasamba a legit company for sure.

The type of services offered here is hugely diversified, and you can select the exact service you find suitable for your situation.

You can choose from the following services:

  • Aura Readings
  • Psychic Mediums
  • Crystal Readings
  • Pet Psychic
  • Rune Casting
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All these services are available once you register within the website and select your payment option.

Here, we explain further what you get with each service that you select within the Kasamba app.

Aura Readings

aura reading kasamba

We all have some aura that we present to our environment.

People see us in a certain way, and that is what differs us from the rest.

With aura readings, you will find out more about your aura's exact color and the
actual energy you are providing to the other people.

With the right readings and the proper selection of energy sources, you can explore the aura better and change it to work for you in everyday situations.

Psychic Medium Readings

The relevant psychic professional will find the path between the souls and solve the issues along the way.

You can have trouble with people who are not alive, or with those who are far distant in the past or the future. With the right mediumship, your journey to the healing of the souls will be more comfortable.

There is a huge variety of different kind of psychics on Kasamba, so you just need to scroll down to find the one that suits best for you.

Crystal and Tarot Readings

kasamba crystal reading

Crystals are often related to the specific soul varieties that we all have as part of our personalities.

With the exact crystal, the medium can find your character's crucial point and how to use it at your advantage.

The same thing goes with Tarot cards. 

Your psychic will have you choosing cards and then, depending on your choices, give you relevant information regarding your past, present, and future.

Pet Psychic


A pet psychic is a person who can communicate with dead or living animals, no matter if the animals are your pets or the pets of the other persons.

This way, you can connect more to the animal souls and create a story that can solve the present situation's issues.

This service is hugely sought after by animal lovers across the world.

If this interests you, maybe you would like to read our article “Can Dogs See Spirits?”

Rune Casting

Rune casting works with the subconscious state of our minds.

The persons are experiencing many situations on a conscious level.

Still, there are also many subconscious feelings that we are feeling daily, which need to
be discovered.

Rune casting deals with these thoughts and feelings on a far more than an amateur level.

It goes deeply into our minds and reveals our real presence in actual situations.

Other Popular Services on Kasamba

Aside from the mentioned services above, there is a couple of other services too..

Love Readings

Including breakups, divorce, cheating, parents and children relations, soulmate connections, etc.

Dream Analysis

Here, you can get a complete explanation of your dreams from over 100 dream
analyzers on Kasamba.

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Fortune Telling

Test your fortune in the future and be the one who knows what to expect when it
comes to future events.

Astrology Readings

You will find experts at both Chinese astrology and Vedic astrology on the Kasamba platform. Pick and choose the one that suits you best.

How to Use Kasamba in the Best Manner?

kasamba psychic reviews

It is very easy to use the app, which can be downloaded to both iPhone and Android mobiles.

Once downloaded, you just have to log in and start browsing around the different spiritual advisers.

Make sure that you read Kasamba Psychic Reviews before choosing an advisor.

This will make sure that you directly find a medium that is 100% serious and in line with what matters you want answers too. 

Psychic mediums are often specialized in different subjects.

Some of them only do love readings, others are specialized in contact with dead relatives.

How to Ask A Free Psychic a Question?

kasamba horoscope

Even though we think that the mediums working on Kasamba do deserve to earn money for their services, free is always nice.

In order for you to be sure that you only pay money to the medium that resonates with you and your needs, you can try out every new medium for 3 minutes each.

This way, you are in control if you want to continue and pay that specific medium, or if you want to try out another one before you decide.

As said earlier, if you decide to join our free newsletter, you will be able to get both free minutes and a premium course on how to manifest anything you want in life!


So, Why Choose Kasamba?

All the pros and cons of the Kasamba app are there to let us know that no psychic reading website is perfect, and we must rely on those with excellent transparency and readings options.

There will always be a risk of choosing a psychic medium that isn't the right one for you, or worse, an unserious one.

That's why you should always read the reviews in order to get a feeling of the medium before you start chatting.

There are a couple of alternatives to Kasamba out there.

Keen – is a similar service that instead of giving you 3 free minutes, cost $1.99 for your first 10 minutes.

Oranum – is another giant in providing spiritual advice.
At Oranum, you can get up to 8 free credits, if you buy 100 credit pack.

Overall, we think that Kasamba has the best option, that give you 3 free minutes with EVERY medium you try out.

It won't get any better than free right?

If you want to learn more about what is possible on Kasamba, you can check out the video below.

Click here if you want 3 minutes FREE



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