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The Hyena is a fearsome African predator who roams in groups called clans.

The build of a Hyena is stocky, with the front legs being higher than the back.

Their skulls are the perfect killing machine, with enough bite force to crush bone.

Their strong social groups and strict female group structure can seem brutal, but their evolution over millions of years has kept them near the top of the food chain.

Hyenas are a strong spirit animal and have often been viewed as a symbol throughout history.

Sometimes Falsely Associated with Dark Magic

Oftentimes they are associated with witchcraft and thus avoided; however, they should be respected as having a hyena
appear as a spirit animal brings important knowledge and wisdom.

Someone who has the hyena as a spirit animal appears to them may be on the path to becoming a strong leader and social butterfly.

What Does the Hyena Symbolize?

What Does the Hyena Symbolize?

Due to the hyenas sociable personality, it is no surprise that the symbolism of the hyena can revolve around social life.

Communicating with people around you, whether they are family, friends or coworkers should be of the utmost importance.

Also, take into consideration that every word uttered has an impact.

The goal of a hyena should not be to tear down people in their social circle but to help them succeed.

Balance is also an important symbol of the hyena.

Oftentimes people are in touch with only one side of themselves and neglect their other half, both physically and mentally.

If the hyena is a woman, get in touch with the more masculine side and embrace it.

On the other hand, if the hyena is a male, they should realize that their feminine side exists and allow it to surface.

The balance will ensure that the hyena is the most mentally healthy they can be.

Family Is The Most Important Thing

Another meaning is that the hyena knows the importance of family.

The family should be the most important thing in a hyenas life.

Take care of them well, pay the most attention to them.

In doing so the hyenas relationship with their family will grow stronger.

They will have more faith and trust in the ability of the hyena to lead them to a successful future.

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Dreaming of The Hyena

When a dream of a hyena comes, it should be respected for the warning that it may well mean.

It could be something simple such as a friend could be lying, or gossiping.

It may also mean something more serious such as an attack either physical or mental in nature.

Dreaming something of this nature is a serious warning and overlooking it will only lead to regret.

Trust the strong instincts of the hyena. On the other hand, if hyena is far away or tricked in the dream, it could mean that current troubles are about to be overcome.

In this case, the hyena is reassuring and bolstering the dreamer's willpower to keep going and move ahead even in their current situation.

The Hyena Is a Stubborn Fighter

Stubbornness is a big trait of a hyena and giving up at the first hint of difficulty should not be an option.

The hyena encourages dreamers to keep fighting, even when hope seems lost.

Of course, it is important to think about the dream and current life.

Act carefully and the dream could be of great benefit while acting rashly can lead to negative consequences.

Unfairly accusing a friend of dishonesty or other negative acts could potentially ruin a friendship.

Hyenas are smart; watch and listen to find out what the dream was telling you.

Hyenas should embrace the cunning they have been gifted with and not squander it.

When in Trouble, Call Upon the Hyena

If advice is needed, calling upon the hyena can be a solution.

The best times to call on the hyena is when making a decision has become difficult, when protection is needed or if a friend has betrayed the dreamer.

Of course, there are other times when calling on the hyena is a good choice, but these are the three major ones.

Meanings of the dreams always change depending on the dreamer and their situation.

Don't take the dream too literally; look for other, more hidden possibilities.

The hyena is strong and stubborn, it may not give out the answer easily.

Work for the solution and a path will open up to move forward.

Traits Of The Hyena


Hyenas are extremely energetic, personable, and always ready to go out and have an adventure.

Others would describe them as easygoing, very friendly, and more relaxed than some, but they can have an intensity that is hard to be matched.

Their comfort level is highest whenever they are in a leadership position, whether it is at the workplace, with friends, or at home.

Having a measure of control over the situation and others around them suits a hyena well.

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Will Guide You to Your Highest Potential

They were built to be a leader and guide others onward toward their highest potential.

The downfall of a hyena is that they can be stubborn and become frustrated easily.

It can be difficult, or downright impossible to make a hyena do something they don't want to do.

That can be a boon when facing a potentially dangerous situation, but sometimes it can be frustrating for those dealing with the hyena.

They should always make sure to try and view the situation from someone else's point of view.

Oftentimes there is a valid reason to do something, even if it is undesirable.

Alongside the stubbornness of the hyena is their tendency to be self-centered.

The Hyena Wants to Be Taken Seriously

Going with their want and need to lead, a hyena can become angry when events don't go as planned, nor how they wished.

If people don't listen to them, they can lash out with words and storm away.

Sometimes they may leave their group of friends entirely until they have calmed down.

Typically they will return after a period of alone time.

Social Life

Like the hyena, those who identify with this creature are sociable and outgoing.

They typically have large groups of friends and a strong bond with their family members.

Their best moments are when out and about, surrounded by similar people to them; that is where they can truly shine.

In a group they are unlikely to give into uncomfortable dares, or anything else they don't want to do.

While sociable to a fault, followers of the hyena are stubborn and strong willed.

Hyenas also form friendships that can run far deeper than others.

They view their social group as their clan or cackle.

Losing a member of the group can be a challenge to a hyena and something they will have to work to overcome.

The loss of a friend or family member, whether through it is a death or end of a friendship can be taken hard by the hyena because of their social bonds.

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It should come to no surprise that to be truly happy in their career, a hyena should strive for a role where they can lead.

Hyenas will need the patience to mature and work through college, or other education to obtain the skills they need to become good leaders wherever they work.

Starting out as a sales associate and working their way up to manager is a great first goal while they educate themselves.

It may be hard for the hyenas to listen to obviously unsuited managers and they could struggle while dealing with unreasonable bosses.

After they graduate, hyenas should seek out positions that interest them and where they could work without becoming bored.

It is also important to find a place where their need for social interaction and strong bonds can be fulfilled.

Popular Jobs For Hyenas Include

  • Hairdresser
  • Teacher
  • Tour Guide
  • Salesperson

There are many, many more jobs out there that could suit a hyena well, they just have to find them.

Relationships And The Hyena Spirit Animal Totem

Hyena Spirit Animal Totem

As hyenas are generally likable and grow a large group of friends, it is generally easy for them to enter a relationship.

People of either sex will be drawn to their natural charm and hyenas tend to fall in love quickly.

It is highly likely that the hyena would make the first move and set the tone of the dates to come at least for the first month or so.

Your Dominance Can Give You Problems

However, hyenas struggle with finding their forever partner due to their dominant nature.

Relationships often last only a little while for hyenas because of their need to be the leader in the relationship.

Also, they prefer their partners to be strong and capable as well; that can lead to angry clashes which can split up a budding relationship.

To be successful in a relationship, hyenas need to focus on their partner and not themselves.

Not every argument has to be a shouting match.

Though it may be hard for the hyena, they should always take a step back and breathe so that they may look at the situation with fresh eyes.

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