How to Prepare For A Psychic Medium Reading

About to get spiritual advice and want to know how to prepare for a psychic medium reading?

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Well, buckle up! Today, we will go through everything that you need to have in mind before a reading.

So you have found the world of psychic medium readings and readings conducted over the phone.

You have decided to embark on a quest to receive a reading from a psychic medium.

Not everyone will experience a psychic medium reading in their lives and because you are planning one, it is important to make sure you get the best experience possible.

When preparing for a reading with a psychic medium there are a number of different guidelines that should be followed in advance of the visit.

A psychic reading is an experience that a lot of people disregard as fake or not helpful.

Neither of these things is true.

Of course, there are fake mediums who are trying to scam people for money.

But there is also the majority who want to help people see what their life has in store or aid in connecting with loved ones who have passed away.

Listed below are some important “Do's” and “Don'ts,” that should be observed before and during the visit.

Keeping the below items in mind will help make the visit smooth, more helpful, and build a better relationship between you and the psychic medium.

Even if you think you don't do any of them, look inwards.

You might be surprised at what you find.

How to Prepare the Right Way

prepare for a psychic reading

Have A Purpose For The Reading

Before visiting the medium, make a list of what you would like to get out of the reading.

Discuss things with the medium beforehand so that your time is spent well.

If you go into the reading with no idea what you want to get out of it, there is no point.

You must have a purpose to the reading, whether it is connecting to the dead or your future.


Schedule The Reading Mindfully

Do your best to not schedule the reading at a time when you are struggling with a loss, depression, or other events that are causing negative emotions and thoughts.

If the goal is to see what lies ahead in your life, being consumed by negative energies will muddle the results significantly.

Even if you had a reading scheduled already and have to cancel, do so.

Be honest with the medium about why you are canceling and they will understand.

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Clear Your Mind

This an important step to complete before visiting a psychic medium for a reading.

Let go of all preconceived notions of what a reading should be, along with negative thoughts and feelings.

Take in deep breaths and let it out.

Be relaxed before entering and the reading will go far better than if you came in with anxiety and bad thoughts.


Connect With Loved Ones

Often the purpose of a visit to a medium is to hear a message from those who have passed on to the spirit world.

Before the visit starts, sit in your car or in the waiting area and think about them.

Imagine what they looked like, fond memories, and think about inviting them to the reading.

Expect The Unexpected

Sometimes psychics deliver a message that you didn't want to hear.

But there is a major difference between finding out what you want to know, versus what you need to know.

The medium's job is not to pander to what you want to hear, but to connect with the spirit and pass on their messages.

They have no control over what the message is.


It isn't up to the medium to do all of the talking.

While they do take charge of the reading and guide you through it, be sure to respond to any questions that are asked of you and offer conversation when needed.

These things will keep the reading going smoothly and the energy strong.

Maintaining a high level of positive energy will attract the spirits who can pass on a message to the medium running the reading.

Plan For Psychic Medium Phone Readings

Psychic Medium Phone Readings

Psychic medium phone readings are often more convenient to a busy schedule.

Make sure to be in a place that won't drop the call at any point.

Good reception is a must for a good reading.

If reception drops, important messages could be lost forever.

Also, make sure your phone is on a high charge. 😉

Finally – Enjoy It

A psychic reading doesn't have to be tearful and sad.

A good reading is a powerful experience that should be celebrated.

It doesn't matter if the reading is about seeing the path your life could take, or connecting with someone who has passed.

Feel happy about what you have just experienced and don't be afraid to show that, if it feels like something should be celebrated, do it.

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Things to Avoid Before and During a Reading

Don't Be Anxious

The reading is made to be both healing and helpful to you.

If you can't shake the anxiety, tell the medium before the session starts.

They can reassure you, provide information about the experience, and soothe your nerves.

Don't try to hide your anxiety.

Let the psychic help you overcome the fears you have before the reading begins.

Don't Feed The Psychic Information

The only information the medium will need is to ask if the message is valid.

There is no reason to give them
information about your life or the person you are trying to reach.

By doing so it could feed information that influences the reading in a negative way, and the message could become clouded.

You might feel like the information is very important, but trust that the medium and the spirits will know everything that they need to know in order to connect.

Never Force Acceptance To Messages

In the case that the message doesn't make any sense, let the psychic know right away.

Don't be rude about it, but explain why the message doesn't make sense.

Don't expect the medium to offer life-changing events for you.

Use your built-in instincts to understand when you should think about the message further, or speak up right away and explain why you are confused.

Don't Ever Be Aggressive

Being full of attitude going into the reading doesn't help.

It frustrates the medium who is only trying to help you and could ruin the reading entirely.

Saying things like “You are psychic, shouldn't you know?” or “I thought this would be faster,” does absolutely nothing to help the situation.

Doing that only wastes time and energy on both your part and the psychic medium.

Yeah, And Don't Consume Substances

By using drugs or drinking alcohol your mental state becomes altered significantly.

When that happens, it keeps you from receiving the messages and understanding them.

Going into the reading with a clear mind and soul is the most important thing you can do.

It doesn't matter if the reading is expected to be mentally challenging and result in sadness.

Keep your mind clear.

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Try Not to Hide Your Emotions

Readings, especially those where connecting with a passed on loved one is expected, can be hard and emotional.

Don't try to hide these emotions from the medium.

They have seen it all before and will see it again.

They understand the grief that you are experiencing and won't judge you for it.

Allowing yourself to express all the emotions you have kept bottled up is a healing experience, which is the goal of a reading.

Stay Away From Making Impulsive Choices

It can be tempting to immediately go and act on the message or messages that the spirits passed on to you.

However, it is always better to wait, think, and take in what you have learned.

Absorb the messages and the lessons they were trying to impart to you before acting on anything.

Even when a fast choice is needed, take at least a little bit of time to decide what the best path would be.


First, I just want to tips you about our article on How to Know if You Are Clairvoyant.

A one on one reading with a psychic medium is a deeply powerful and personal experience.

Follow these guidelines and your heart, so you can make sure every reading will go well and you get the most you can from it.

Assuming you have set up the reading with a medium you have spoken with in the past and know well, the relationship between the two of you will add to the reading.

If you don't know a medium ask for advice from family and friends.

Read reviews online and go to visit the psychic mediums in person to see what their style is like.

For a reading to work well, you must resonate with the psychic and they must understand you too.

Visiting them a few times before setting up a reading for a brief conversation or two is perfect to get to know them.

And, as always, keep an open mind.

Accept the messages might be unexpected and strange, or it could be something that you never would have expected.

Listen to your heart when it says that you do understand, but it might just be hard to listen to it.


Remember that a psychic reading can be a fantastic experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.


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