How to Listen to Your Spirit Guides | Beginners Guide

Do you want to know how to listen to your spirit guides?

To fully understand the relationship between guide and person, it is important to know where spirit guides come from.

Spirit guides are entities that stay behind as a spirit to assist those who remain in the world of the living.

Most spirit guides would have had the option of being reincarnated once more, but instead, they decided to
dedicate their afterlife to guidance and protection.

Typically, spirit guides are those who have lived many lives and settled any debts that remain.

The outcome is someone who has no need to reincarnate and can move on to a higher state of being.

The recipient of the spirit guides knowledge does not choose the guide.

It is chosen for them.

Spirit Guides and Animal Totems

The idea of the spirit animal was developed almost directly from the Native American culture.

In their culture, spirit animals are known as animal totems.

Across different areas and tribes differences are apparent, but the totem animal often has the form of one creature.

The creature is often associated with one tribe or person that shares the characteristics of the animal.

Once someone passes away, their essence or spirit is taken within the animal.

Spirit guides have also gone by other names including spirit allies, power animals, animal helpers and
animal guides.

No matter the name, spirit guides have a unique purpose to the lives of people, no matter their

Differences in opinions should be respected as the historical importance to each culture goes back
for a long time, if not hundreds or thousands of years.

How Are Spirit Guides Assigned?

How Are Spirit Guides Assigned

These spirits can appear in any number of forms, usually an animal that represents certain personality traits.

Spirit guides may stay with a person for their entire lives, or for only a short time.

It is not uncommon to have more than one spirit guide throughout one's life.

Different spirit animals come at different stages; a child will almost definitely not have the same spirit guide as a middle-aged or older person.

One or Many Is Equally Normal

On the other hand, it is also normal to have only one guide.

Spirit guides come and go, providing guidance, teaching, and ways to remain balanced.

Sometimes a person is well suited for one spirit animal and has the ability to rely on one guide that provides everything they need.

Other times, people may have an affinity towards other animals but the related spirit guide never appears to them.

It may well be that the person has no need of that particular guide.

Be content with those that appear and understand that the ones that do are the ones that will provide the most wisdom.

Nobody should be judged for the number of spirit guides they have.

Everything is normal and it is important to not be discouraged about only receiving one spirit animal.

Everyone's experience with their guide or guides is unique and special.

Some Examples of Spirit Animals Are

Examples of Spirit Animals

Bear – The bear spirit guide is emotional and has a connection with the outdoors.

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They may be quick to anger, but their deep bond with the Earth keeps a balance within.

Butterfly – The butterfly spirit guide symbolizes transformation.

Butterflies can adapt on the fly and approach changes with an open mind.

Dolphin – The dolphin spirit guide means both wisdom and playfulness.

Dolphins are known for bringing people together and communicating well with others.


Personality And Your Guides

Someone's spirit animal represents the qualities within themselves.

Many view it as a symbol of themselves.

Often, it is unlikely that it would be possible to interact with the animal face to face.

Animals like lions, sea creatures, or other wild animals are hard to meet.

But it is possible to observe, read, and watch them.

It is important to study their social habits, diet, behaviors, and other traits.

Trying to conform to the ways of a certain animal is not recommended and would only lead to pain further down the line.

Feel the Resonance

If there is an animal that resonates deeply within, it is quite possible that animal is a spirit guide that was meant for that person.

When visiting the zoo or other places with wildlife, feeling drawn to one creature in particular means that it could be a guide currently, or the guidance it can provide should be sought out.

Listen to the voice inside that says this animal is important.

No spirit guide should be shameful.

It doesn't matter whether someone's spirit guide is a mouse or a grizzly bear.

Every spirit guide has unique and important guidance to provide to those who need it.

Anyone who looks down on someone or makes fun of them for their guide should not be taken seriously.

Encounters With Your Guides

Running into the same animal repeatedly may also mean that animal has been assigned as a guide.

Perhaps there were foxes appearing, especially in areas where it makes little sense for such an animal to be.

It can also be more symbolic, like finding multiple movies or TV shows with foxes.

Other encounters can include entering a store and seeing items relating to a fox, people complimenting your clothing while wearing red
and more.

These examples can be applied to any animal, but it may be more challenging for the guide to reaching out
depending on the animal.

A whale guide would have difficulty reaching someone who lives inland, for example.

Some Spirit Guide Examples

There are far more spirit animals than can be listed.

It is important to read up on as many as possible so that when a spirit guide appears, its meaning can be understood and taken into consideration quickly.

To summarize what a spirit guide may mean, it could be helpful to keep a list of notes of the guides that are
most likely to appear.

The Layout of the Notes Could Look Like This

The Turtle

The symbolism of the turtle guide revolves around patience, even through chaos.

By remaining steadfast in the presence of conflict, challenges can be overcome.

  • Wisdom
  • Persistence and determination
  • Pacing and patience
  • Slow down
  • Understanding and strength
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The Owl

The symbolism of the owl revolves around seeing past deception.

Don't be fooled by those trying to mislead or lie to harm or further their own agendas.

  • See what others don't see
  • Changes are coming
  • Intuition
  • Wisdom
  • Transition

The meaning of a spirit guide can shift depending on the events in someones life, but the general meanings
would most likely stay the same.

Being prepared can help understand what the guide is trying to say.

But it is important to allow variety in the messages.

Look beyond the notes in some cases to see the deeper wisdom the guide is trying to impart.

How to Call Upon Your Spirit Guides

How to Call Upon Your Spirit Guides

As explained above, repeatedly encountering an animal most likely means it has been assigned as a guide.

That also means that the spirit guide is trying to give out teachings.

The most important thing to do is never ignore the spirit guide.

If the guide has not appeared in some time and advice is needed, there are a number of different things that can be done to reach out to the spirit guide.

One of the following methods may work better than another, or perhaps a combination.

Don't rely on just one way of calling the spirit guide as some reach out in different ways.


Taking the time to relax and meditate is an excellent way to call a spirit guide.

By centering and calming thoughts and opening the mind, it makes it much easier for a spirit guide to reach out.

Methods of reaching such a relaxed state include listening to soothing music, sitting on a beach or playing background
sounds such as rain.

It could also be helpful to play sounds associated with the spirit guide.

Ocean spirit guides would appreciate meditation to the sound of waves against a beach.

Physical Interaction

Asking for a spirit guide to physically interact is the hardest way of calling.

The gift of a feather, a scale, or piece of fur represents the presence of the guide.

Sometimes it is possible to see the animal itself, but that could be impossible depending on the guide.

It could also be a brief appearance on the television or in a book.

It is also possible that someone could give you a gift themselves, like a pair of elephant earrings.


This is a popular way to call and communicate with spirit guides.

It can take time for a spirit guide to appear this way and multiple nights of calling may be required.

Sometimes it is possible to awake without remembering the dream of the guide appearing, or to only remember hazy pieces of the dream.

With practice, dreams become easier to remember.

Conduct a Ceremony

Ceremonies could involve anything from creating an altar, chanting or burning certain plants.

During the ceremony it is important to remain clear-minded and focus on the spirit guide.

This way of calling to the spirit guide can lead to them appearing in dreams, physically or a vision.

The most important thing is to be patient.

Don't try to rush the appearance of a spirit guide.

Their wisdom is precious and attempting to force them to come before the advice is truly needed could have consequences.

Trust the spirit guide and that they know what is best.

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How To Listen To Your Spirit Guides

Listen Through Pain

Sometimes the guidance a spirit guide brings is not something positive.

It could be a warning of an upcoming loss, the suggestion that someone is being dishonest or anything else that has a negative meaning.

It could be tempting to ignore the guidance and warnings that the guide is trying to give.

Ignoring imminent pain is much easier than dealing with it beforehand.

However, by ignoring the spirit guide the outcome could be much worse then if the advice had been listened to in the first place.

The pain may be harsh but listen through it anyway.

Take the guidance for what it is and prepare for the possible hardships ahead.

The spirit guide is not trying to inflict pain, but help prepare for it.

Don't lash out and take out frustrations on the guide for trying to help as much as they can.

Don't Act Rashly

Once wisdom has been given it can be tempting to immediately act on it.

Sometimes this is the best course of action, but it also could be the wrong path to take it.

Many spirit guides suggest caution going forward and for good reason.

Barging ahead without a plan or thought of the consequences could lead to a fracturing of
friendships or harm to physical and mental health.

Don't Ignore Them

Sometimes the spirit guide could give advice that doesn't seem to be needed at the current point in time,
don't just ignore it.

If the turtle guide appears, encouraging determination even through hardship, yet there haven't been any challenges, it is very important to not disregard it.

The guides speak of the future as well as the present.

If and when a spirit guide warns of a dishonest friend, coworker, or family member, yet it seems impossible to be true, it can be tempting to shrug and wave it off.

A spirit guide would not offer advice that was meant to mislead or harm.

Watch closely to see who the guide could be warning about and eventually the truth will be revealed.

Show Gratitude

A spirit guide is a powerful teacher.

Show appreciation by thanking them for their support and wisdom.

The relationship between the human and guide is deeply personal and long-lasting, but like any relationship, it
takes work.

Thank them for their efforts to assist in creating a better life.

Without them, it may have been impossible to see life the way it was meant to be seen.

I really hope that you liked this, quite long guide, about how to listen to your spirit guides.

If you did, please help me share this content, so that more people can find and get guidience of their spirit guide.

Bless you!

PS: Down below, you can see a video about spirit guides and which one might be yours.

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