How to Know if You Are Clairvoyant | This Test Will Tell

The video above is from the famous spiritual medium Carmel Joy Baird. It's really interesting if you wondering how to know if you are clairvoyant.

We really suggest that you follow Carmel's Youtube-channel for more exciting information about psychic abilities and spiritualism over all.

We know that all of us don't like taking in information from a video. That's why we have transcribed the video into readable text below.

However, we are NOT taking any cred for it. The information is coming from Carmel.

Our purpose is to help spreading good content, and as we said above, you should really start following Carmel. She's great!

Now, of to the transcribed part.


I'm Carmel Baird.

I'm an author of a best-selling book called The Truth of Spirits, and I have my very own TV show called “Mom's a Medium“.

Well you might be wondering if you're a psychic?

That's a very very good question and something that I wasn't even sure about for the first part of my life.

Here's the thing, great news, we're all psychic..

Each and every one of us is born with a sixth sense.

how to be psychic

It's just not possible for you NOT to have intuition.

You came here with a sixth sense.

Your sixth sense is the reason you came here.

With intuition.

Not five senses, but six, and you are meant to use that sixth sense to help guide yourself and others in your life.

So here's a thing..

Having Lots of Energy Can Be a Tell That You Are Psychic

Some of us are going to have a higher level of energy than others.

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What that means is that, I naturally have a crazy off-the-chart energy, which is what makes me a medium.

Although each and every one of us has that inner knowing.

That capability to be able to feel things or understand things that we maybe didn't otherwise would know.

Now, the thing about being a psychic is that a lot of psychics and mediums have an extra dose of that energy.

How are you going to know if this is you or not?

Let's face it, for the first 35 years of my life, I had no idea what was going on with me.

I just thought it was completely crazy!

if you're watching this, you might be feeling the same way in your own life.

So to know if you're psychic or not, or to know if you've got that extra dose of energy?

Anxiety Attacks Can Mean That You Are Psychic

anxiety attacks psychic

Do you suffer with panic and anxiety attacks?

If you do, it's because you're picking up on energy, and it has nowhere else to go.

Did you know that you could feel completely fine and then walk into a store or a restaurant pick up on a vibration or energy and then have heart palpitations feel dizzy?

Feel like you're sick, feel like you have a headache?

Now understand why you're feeling the way you are is because chances are it's not yours and you picked up on something that belongs to somebody else.

The other thing that a lot of psychics and mediums will go through is having dreams or visions.

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They'll know things, but they just don't know why.

They'll also say that they know when people are talking about them or when people are keeping things behind their back.

When they've walked into a room and there's been some sort of a shift in energy or the vibration, the psychic, the intuitive or the empath will be able to pick that out.

Empath or Psychic, Is There a Difference?

What's an empath then?

An empath is someone who feels things.

They feel if someone's sad, they feel it if someone's happy.

They feel if they're angry.

To be a psychic is really to be alive, because “psychic” “sixth sense” and “inner knowing” all mean the same thing.

A lot of people get afraid of the word psychic because it's become this whoo-whoo thing. (you know, crystal balls, bearings long skirts).

That's not it anymore.

The thing is.

In this year and in this time and in this day of age, we have to learn that we all have intuition and that sixth sense, and that inner knowing.

We all have that tiny voice, (you know the little hunch that makes you feel like you feel).

Things that are something that's going to be completely life-changing.

It's not a gift, it's a birthright.

Can you use it to help navigate your way through the challenges of life?

If you can that's where the gift is.

Listen, if you want to know if you're a psychic or just how intuitive you are, I have some free things here for you.

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Click the link below and take a my “are you a medium quiz” or take my “how intuitive are you quiz” and best of all.

I've got a morning intuitive checklist that you can do every single day to help continue to develop your intuition.

Check it out!

Look, we're hoping that you liked this information from the gifted medium Carmen Joy Baird.

Make sure you check her out for more goodies!

Have a lovely day!

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