How to Cast a Spell on Someone | Spell Casting For Beginners

In this post, you're gonna learn how to cast a spell on someone, plus learning the basics of spell casting.

Today, we are checking out Nathara and her video “Spellcasting 101: How to Cast a Simple Spell”.

She's doing a really good job, explaining what you need to know in order to start your journey as a spell caster.

As always, we have written out the content from the video, so that you can read it below, if you fancy reading over watching a video.

Lastly, we advice you to check out Nathara's Channel, for more exciting information about the world of spellcasting.

Let's begin!

Hi there!

My name is Nathara and I have been a practicing pagan witch for over 10 years now.

I'm going to share with you today one of my favorite methods of spellcasting.

Spell Casting 101 – The Simple Way

Now, despite what you see in Hollywood, spellcasting is actually very simple.


If you think about history the people who did these things were peasants or ancient or just not technologically advanced.

It didn't need a lot of fancy things to cast spells and neither do you.

So this is going to be a simple method and it's going to be relatively easy.

It might be a little disappointing, but it works.

I've used it for years and years and it's my absolute favorite way to cast a spell.


So what we're going to do is we're gonna start by finding a surface to write on.

It can be any surface that won't cause horrible problems if you write on it.

Paper is used frequently. Walls, small stones, big stones with chalk on them.

I've used lipstick on a mirror.

I mean, really, it's anything that you can think of.

The thing is, though, you want to make sure it's something that you can get to every day.

Use Symbols For Spell Casting

Alright? So the first thing we're gonna do is we're going to pick a symbol.

We don't want a word, we want a symbol.

spell casting for beginners

Symbols work with the primary energies in our brain and the primal thought processes that we have.

It uses the non-intellectual side of us, the more spiritual side, the more animal side.

So we're going to start with symbols.

These symbols should be really simple.

We don't want complex pictures.

The more complex the image you use, the more details you're going to add.

The more details you add, the more limited you make the possibilities.

We want to keep these possibilities nice and broad.

That way the universe or God or Allah or Odin or whoever it is you're calling to can work this into your life without disrupting other plans and without upsetting other people's lives.

So we're gonna keep it simple and straight to the point.

Choose Something That Speaks to You

Now for me, I often like to use the Viking runes because they speak to me.

My family is of Nordic heritage and I've always been attracted to the Viking runes so that's what I like to use.

I have a friend of mine who likes to use Japanese Kanji.

And I know some people who just make up their own symbols, which is a fabulous way of working.

Whatever works for you, that's what you want to use 'cause this needs to work.

So, for example, I wrote the symbol for strength in a Viking rune on a notecard.

This is it.

It's a pretty simple symbol, but this is strength.

Now if I were to make up my own symbol, and which I actually did, it might look something like this.

spell casting rune

Simple straight to the point, easily understandable, and it still means strength.

Okay? So I'm gonna take this notecard and I'm gonna put it somewhere that I
can touch it every day, not just see it.

Make It Your Daily Routine

Seeing something every day causes us to not see it anymore.

We start not seeing it. It's not gonna be in our conscious mind.

We're not gonna be able to direct energy with our thoughts.

We want to be able to touch it every day.

Not only are we going to touch it but we're also going to say it out loud.

Saying things out loud is very powerful so we're gonna lend our thoughts and desires extra power by saying it out loud.

I would do this at least three times a day.

So here I would take my card, and for me I would probably just put it on my desk.

I do fold my cards so they stand up nicely so I can find them easily and they don't get lost under paperwork.

I would see this card, I would pick it up, I would hold it and I would say “strength.”

Now, when you say it you want to do like I did take a deep breath focus your mind and then say it.

Now, this is based on the principle that thoughts are energy and energy attracts like energy.

So if we can attract the energy of strength by thinking about it three times a day.

We also wanna touching it, and saying it out loud, (remember you can also attract those negative things in your life by thinking about them all the time), so don't do it.

Simple Spell Casting = Saving Money

This practice of not thinking about the negative things so that we don't attract them to us is the basis for a lot of self-help seminars that are out there in modern America.

So based on an ancient spellcasting tradition, we now have multi-million dollar makers doing self-help things.

So the power of thought, intonation, intention, conscious thought.

I'd love to hear anything that you do using this ability.

Go ahead and let me know about it.

Otherwise I hope it helps.

Have a blessed day!

Hope you liked this short but sweet post on one of the simplest spells you can learn, and start using the same day.

Be sure to check out Nathara's other videos.

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Give it to me!
Discover How to Easily Change Your Chakras For A Life Filled With Abundance, Wealth, Optimal Health And Unlimited Energy
(Use Your Real Email, Since The Course Will Be Sent There)