How to Become a Mermaid | Simple Ways to Transform Yourself

Do you wonder how to become a mermaid? Do you identify yourself as a siren from the deep seas?

Then read on, because today you will learn how to transform yourself into one!

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Are you ready for the shape shift? Let's go!


My name is Mermaid Phantom!

I swim around Lake Michigan as a real mermaid, and I create videos online.

I know you're here to learn about how to become a mermaid without a magical spell.

So, I am going to tell you some secret tips on how to transform yourself.

If you'd like to become a mermaid, there are a few different ways you can go about it.

First of all, you can opt for a “Physical Transformation” and second, you can opt for a more “Spiritual Transformation”.

I'm going to explain those to you.

Spiritual Transformation Into a Mermaid

Spiritual Transformation Into a Mermaid

First, we're gonna start with the Spiritual Transformation.

If you would like to become a mermaid in a spiritual sense, here's one thing you can do that is great for everybody.

You can get involved in a local or global movement to help protect our environment.

You can join a few different ocean related groups that help preserve (and protect) the environment.

There's some animal focused groups too.

You could support the dolphins, or the stingrays, or the sharks or something like that.

You can also take part in beach cleanups in your local area.

You could also take steps to reduce your waste and your footprint in this world.

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So that is something you can do to begin your “Spiritual Transformation” as a mermaid.

Physical Transformation

Now, if you're more interested in the Physical Transformation aspect of this video, we're gonna get started with that.

My Second Tip for your mermaid transformation, which is leading into the physical aspect of this, is to get started with creating your own mermaid accessories.

You can create little headbands (I guess this is actually a hair clip?).

You can create your own necklaces, or you can buy them of course, too.

But if you are interested in creating different accessories to emphasize the world that you are a mermaid.

How to Be Able to Swim Like a Mermaid

The Third way, you can become a mermaid, of course, is to get yourself one of these babies!

There are plenty of places that you can buy mermaid tails, but one of my favorite places to recommend beginners to go to is “Fin Fun Mermaids.”

They have really nice fabric tails.

Fin Fun has a bunch of different colors and designs that are very realistic.

It's actually what I'm wearing right now.

Let me see if I can show you my tail!

This is a swimmable mermaid tail.

You can swim in them.

Get Yourself a Magic Charm

mermaid charm

So for now, you can join an Ocean Preservation Group or a Lake Clean-up Group.

You can support a sea creature that you really have a deep connection with, or you can opt to create your own accessories and express your inner mermaid through your style of dress.

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You can also buy a mermaid tail which, of course, they are beautiful and really give you that mermaid feel!

And you can also get yourself a charm.

We really hope that you liked this short little article.

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