Dreams about witchcraft

Are you having dreams about Witchcraft?

Wondering if they are a bad omen or a calling?

Today, I will sort out everything so that you don't have to worry about it.

What Can Dreams About Witchcraft Mean?

While dreaming, the most common outcome and goal are to communicate with ourselves without the hindrance of the thoughts and feelings that complicate matters while awake.

Dreams could mirror something that happened while you were awake, perhaps today, or months ago.

Other times the dream could seem downright bizarre and make no sense at all.

It is typical for a person to have at least three different dreams every night, however, people usually don't remember most of them.

When we do retain the memories of our dreams, it is often because our consciousness is trying to tell us something important through messages or other symbols that holds advice for our awake existence.

Why Dreams Are Common During Fall Months

Witchcraft has been around for generations and has seeped into the modern world.

Witchcraft has stories, legends, a belief system, and more all built around it.

In fact, they have become so prevalent in our world today that dreaming of them in the fall months is not uncommon.

Halloween trick-or-treaters have always enjoyed dressing up as witches and they feature in haunted houses, scary stories, and films.

If you dream about a witch during September or October, take the culture of those around you into consideration.

It may very well be that the dream means nothing and your mind has simply become overwhelmed with the imagery you see every day.

Be Cautious of These Kind of Dreams

dream about witchcraft bad omen

However, any other time, dreaming of witches and witchcraft is important.

There are many different kinds of dreams that involve witches and each one can have a warning, advice or information attached to it.

Often, our minds open wider and a deeper visionary state becomes possible after dreaming about witchcraft.

Keep this in mind moving forward.

An Understanding of Different Kind of Dreams

Each type of dream – which will be looked at below – has their own meanings.

However, the overarching symbolism remains the same throughout each one.

Witchcraft dreams can be a sign that something evil is approaching, but it is also a sign of a time of healing.

Witchcraft dreams connect the worlds of subconscious and conscious.

Symbol of Power

On the more positive side, witchcraft dreams have the symbolism of power and enchantment.

You have the power to look within yourself, face what is troubling you, and conquer it.

Whether that is a fear, a person in your waking life, or other situation, it is possible to forge ahead and heal from the experience.

It could also mean that you are struggling to use the power within yourself.

Relatives or friends could be causing the dreams.

In these cases, look inwards at your own behaviors and see what might need to be adjusted or dropped completely regarding your behavior towards others.

Dreaming of Seeing a Witch

Dreaming of Seeing a Witch

Dreaming about seeing a witch has several possible meanings.

One of the more likely possibilities is that good luck and happiness are on their way to you in the days or weeks ahead.

If you are trying for a child, you may find out you have become pregnant shortly.

If you are hoping for a promotion at work, there is a good chance you will receive it.

Good fortune could come in smaller experiences, but it is all-important.

You Are The Witch

By dreaming that you are a witch, it means something destructive or terrible could be on its way.

That is not a warning that should be taken lightly and when you awake, write down everything you can about the dream.

Small details could prove valuable later on.

Being a Victim of Witchcraft

If you are not the witch or a participant, but a victim of witchcraft, that is a warning as well.

There could well be a threat in the waking world.

That could be a belief or a problem, either physically or mentally.

Being the victim in your dreams means that is very likely you feel like a victim in real life.

And in real life, it is possible that you feel like you don't have proof of what you are going through.

People who have suffered from witchcraft throughout history also had very little evidence to support their claims.

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Other Witchcraft Dreams

Other Witchcraft Dreams

A Witch On A Broom

Dreaming about a witch riding a broomstick likely means that you will get some bad news.

You may be required to take on more work at your job, which won't be pleasant.

You could look for another job in this example, but more changes could be on the horizon.

A Witch Chasing You In Your Home

If you are being chased by witches in your place of residence, that means there is going to be a large number of negative happenings to be weathered.

Difficult times might be ahead and it would be wise to avoid major life choices, like changing jobs, making investments, or anything else that poses a risk to your livelihood and health.

Wait until it all blows over and then move on.

A Witch Giving You An Apple

You might recognize the scene above, and it's not far from the real world witches.

Dreaming about a witch giving you an apple may seem a little unlikely, but it is a warning.

A warning that means someone close to you will be doing their utmost to lie or deceive you in some other manner.

Even if you think you know everyone around you and trust them wholeheartedly, someone cannot be trusted.

They have bad motives, even if they act nice and helpful.

Be careful in the days ahead.

A Witch Speaking To You

This dream is positive!

It could be impossible to understand what the witch said to you, but if you could make out the spoken words, stick by them loyally.

This dream means that you will receive news in the days to come that might seem to be impossible.

The news will be something that you never could have imagined happening to you, ever.

A Dead Witch

Dreaming about a dead witch is likely to mean that in the days or weeks ahead, all of your problems and foes will be dealt with.

During a period of time, it will seem downright impossible to get rid of your issues and fix any problems.

However, after this time is over, the obstacles will fall away.

Your goals will become achievable and success will come along with it.

A Crying Witch

A crying witch in your dreams isn't a bad thing, even if it first appears to be so.

These kinds of dreams mean that you will do something nobody else thought you would be able to do.

With your determination, hard work, and will, you will make the impossible become possible.

As long as you keep going and hold onto your drive, great things will come down the path in your life.

What to Do If I Have Had a Bad Dream Sign?

Now that we have gone through some common dreams about witchcraft, you might have gotten som bad news?

Don't panic if the dream you dreamt was a sign of a warning.

It's never a 100% scientific risk.

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Just Some of All the Dreams

These are only some of the possible witchcraft dreams.

Each one has their own unique meanings that could be subtly different depending on your life circumstances.

When you have these dreams, it is a good idea to write down everything that you can remember.

Dreams usually fade after a certain amount of time and by keeping the dream fresh, you will be able to use the wisdom from it more accurately.

If you know that challenges or grief is on its way, don't be disheartened.

The negative dreams are not the end of the world, even if it may feel that way at first.

Take a deep breath in and out.

Believe in yourself, your inner power.

You can overcome anything that may be on its way, no matter how hard.

In some cases, you may even have the power to change the path you are on and prevent the bad experiences coming.