Fix Relationship Issues With Numerology

Can you fix relationship issues with numerology? How compatible are you and your partner?

Today, we are gonna dig into the world of numerology and how the thousands year old teaching can help your love life.

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No matter where you stand, there will be people watching going, “oh this is crap”


Not everybody has an open mind.

Other people will go, “oh god I want to hear more”

That's kind of how I am!

I love this stuff, that's why I'm talking to you.

This might be an icebreaker for you to bring up issues that you don't otherwise know how to talk about.

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Today, our topic returns to love and relationships after 50

We are gonna talk about how numerology might just give us some insight into our relationships, and the issues associated with that.

With us are Tricia Gunberg.

Tricia Gunberg

You often hear over or see and all over the internet, if you google it you know numerology as it applies to your

Tricia is a numerologist and an intuitive healer and you helped me figure out how to apply it to our demographic, meaning the 50 and over long-term relationships.

So, what kind of insight can numerology give you to, perhaps not make that same mistakes or stop making mistakes in your relationship?

Well, first of all, numerology will give you the gift of understanding yourself and your positive attributes.

You can take a look at the attributes of yourself and your spouse.

That's one way to do it.

I know if I was gonna date Silke, I know she's really independent, so as a man, I know she's independent, and I there are certain things that come along with that.

The energy of the number one and being a leader and doing unique things, whoever you date, not only needs to understand that but appreciate that about you.

If you're trying to figure out the energy that flows between you and your partner, you take your Life Path number and your
spouse or potential spouse's one, and you subtract the small number from the big number.

The Simple Math of Numerology

numerology math

Let's take an example.

Life Path 1 and a Life Path 9, so I already explained to you that the 1 is going to be very independent.

Now we also have the 9, who's sensitive.

People with Life Path 9 are here to inspire, and they're a humanitarian.

Understanding yourself and using numerology to do it, goes a long way.

As I said before, to understand the energy that is working, we need to do some simple math.

If we subtract the 1 and 9, we get an 8, right?

The eight is the manifester, which mean that this is a “power couple”

When decisions need to be made, they need to come together to decide how to manifest it.

That's a way to figuring out, you know, the clues to your relationship.

A couple of things that came up to me while we were talking here.

One is that, just because you are total opposites, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

It's a matter of understanding what you bring to the table, and how that fits together.

Yeah and I know just a heads-up that when I went looking for relationship advice it was more
like, this one and this one is compatible, this one and this one is not compatible.

Well when I used numerology on me and my spouse, it wasn't very favorable as far as compatibility.

However, it's not a question about good or bad.

It's understanding what you're both bringing to the table.

I love this topic!

Ice Breaker to Talk About Issues

icebreaker with numerology

As you know, with relationships and dealing with issues, this might be an ice breaker.

It's a way for you to bring up issues that you don't otherwise know how to talk about.

You can say, “I saw this video and it was quite funny, you know what, I did our numbers and maybe this is why we don't get along”.

You're gonna bring something to the table where otherwise it would be like, “God We Need to Talk”

I never even thought about this as a tool to sit down and have a conversation.

Well, I do readings, and I explained to a woman that she's a Life Path 4, so she's very linear in her thinking.

Then we calculated it with her husbands, which was a Life Path 2.

I said, look at yourself and look at him.

she said, “oh he's balancing”, he doesn't want to hurt somebody's feelings.

Life and relationship get's so much easier when you know this kind of thing.

Using the Mirror Technique to Understand Your Partner

mirror your partner

Usually when somebody's irritating you, I like to apply the mirror technique.

You see, if it's irritating you, then it's something that reflects back to you.

I was saying to somebody that got irritated by a very independent person.

“There might be part of them that wishes they could be a little bit more independent”.

So yeah, compassion and understanding is dynamite!

Try to see things in different ways, especially right now when we have lots of time to think.

Maybe look at our life in different ways.

Learn to Calculate Your Life Path Numbers

calculate your life path number

We will have all the information about how to find and calculate your Life Path
number, correct Tricia?

Yes, you can calculate yourself and your partners Life Path number.

Click here to calculate your life path number

Once you have done the math, you'll be able to look up the energy of your numbers.

If you are on Life Path 9, Learn how this can change your life