Can Dogs See Spirits? | Learn Why Dogs Can See Ghosts

Can dogs see spirits? Could it be that the four-legged friends standing by our side can see, or sense the supernatural?

In this post, we're gonna give you all the answers to the questions you might be thinking of.

Dogs are fun-loving, loyal and gentle.

However, it is not those qualities that make owners scratch their heads.

Staring into space at an empty corner of the room, howling at the moon, or barking and running out of
the room for no conceivable reason are all behaviors that cannot be explained.

Can dogs sense spirits?

Without a plausible explanation for their strange behavior, that is no doubt possible.

Dogs have far stronger senses than humans and can sense things well beyond our abilities.

It may even be a relief to know that a beloved pet can tell that a loved one has remained behind to watch over the living.

However, the lack of scientific evidence to support the idea leaves the true nature of what dogs see a mystery and
without scientific evidence, it is hard for people to believe.

But it is clear that they do sense things beyond our understanding and the essence of those who have passed on may well be one of those things.

Can dogs see ghosts?


Can dogs sense spirits?

Also, yes.

Even without scientific evidence, owners of dogs have put forward their own experiences.

There may be a lack of data, but it is hard to argue when dogs visibly seem to see things that aren't visible to the eye.

Stories of dogs greeting nothing but air after an owner passed on has been recorded and circulated the internet.

That is only one of the many strange things that dogs have done after someone close has passed.

Dogs Don't Lie

So, while there may not be hard data, dogs cannot lie.

It is almost definite that they see, or at least sense the presence of the deceased.

The Dogs Sixth Sense

dogs sixth sense

Along with the five senses – sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell – dogs also have a sixth sense.

Humans describe it as a gut feeling that something may not be right.

However, while humans have it intermittently, dogs have it all the time.

Also, dogs are more likely to listen to their feelings and act appropriately.

People are far more likely to think logically and disregard them.

The dog's sixth sense isn't only used to sense spirits.

Dogs know when their owners are coming back, predict natural disasters, and more.

Not everything can be explained only using their natural senses but can be explained by calling it a sixth sense.

They Know When You Are Coming Back

supernatural dogs

Most dogs have the uncanny sense to know when their owner is coming home.

It doesn't matter if the owner has a set time or is arriving at a slightly different time, whether that be earlier or later.

Five to ten minutes before their owner comes home they will be at the window or door, waiting loyally for their appearance.

Even when an owner has been gone for the entire day, or has left them at a kennel while on vacation, dogs know when their people are coming back.

How do they do that?

That would be their sixth sense at work.

How Dogs Sense Natural Disasters

How Dogs Sense Natural Disasters

For thousands of years, there have been stories of animals that behave out of the ordinary before disasters.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters have caused both wildlife and pets to act strangely days before it happens.

Dogs especially have been known to act oddly before earthquakes; trying to flee the area, barking, and howling or showing signs of anxiety are only some of the behaviors.

How could they possibly know what is about to happen?

Some of it can be explained by a heightened sense of smell and hearing, but the rest cannot.

These things are beyond human comprehension.

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Well Known Study Confirms Dogs Clairvoyant Behavior

A well known study conducted by Dr. Stanley Coren accidentally collected data to support this.

He was gathering data right before a 6.8 earthquake hit the Pacific Northwest.

His data conclusively showed that 49% of the dogs showed a remarkable increase in aggression and anxiety.

47% were also much more active.

These percentage points went up a full one to two days before the earthquake happened.

The results of the study can't simply be chalked up to a dog's excellent hearing when they started acting strange well before the

Can Dogs Predict Weather Changes?

If a dog hates the rain and refuses to go outside for seemingly no reason, there is a strong chance that it could

Dogs are very sensitive to the changes in air pressure, which comes along with the weather outside.

Even the smallest changes mean something to them and those would be impossible for people to detect.

The more anxious they act the worse the weather is likely to be.

There have been countless accounts of dogs predicting bad thunderstorms and tornadoes the day they happened.

If the owner lives in an area where dangerous weather is known to occur, such as the central area of The United States, listen to the dog.

They understand what is about to happen far more than people do.

Even if the forecast predicts sunny skies, take their warnings into consideration.

Strange Behaviors

Strange Behaviors

Briefly the strange behaviors that dogs act out while in the presence of the otherworldly was touched on, but
it is important to delve deeper into them.

Different behaviors mean different things.

If the behavior is out of the ordinary for a pet, it may be worth it to do research on the residence to see if anyone has passed away in
the building.

Looking At A Hallway Or Corner

This is one of the most prominent odd behaviors that dogs have been known for.

Sometimes they will just sit and stare at a corner of the room, even if there is nothing there.

It will jump out as even stranger if there isn't even a piece of furniture or something else that could have grabbed the dog's attention.

The dog is most likely sensing or seeing something left behind long ago.

That could be the essence of someone who passed away in the home or nearby.

Or it could be the spirit itself, which may have set the dog on edge.

Acting Aggressive Or Afraid

Even if the dog has been known to show anxiety before, it shouldn't be ignored if they suddenly refuse to enter a room.

If the owner tries to encourage them to enter the room, they may dig their nails into the floor and back away, determined not to go into that area of the home.

If it is an area that they often frequented, yet now they refuse to enter, that is a telltale sign that something is hanging around.

Both signs of fear and aggression, like barking, snarling, and whining are all trying to let their owners know something is there.

In these cases, it is doubly important to do research into the place.

Something awful may have happened in the home and either the victim or perpetrator may be lingering.

The negative energy or the spirit itself may wish harm on the occupants.

When a dog is acting aggressive and trying to prevent their owner from entering a certain place, listen to them.

Can Dogs See Ghosts Because of Their Strong Senses?

It isn't only their sixth sense that is much more tuned than humans.

Every one of their senses is better.

That might be the explanation of how dogs can see ghosts.

They can see well beyond our field of view and hear things far away.

The vibrations of a passing car are very noticeable and will be sensed by the dog well before humans notice.

It should come of no surprise their excellent vision, hearing, taste, touch, and smell allow them to be more aware of the physical world, as well as the spiritual one.

Their sixth sense is an important aspect of what allows them to sense spirits, but dogs also have their other
senses to lean on.

Being able to detect subtle changes in the air around them allows dogs to see or sense spirits.

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The History Of Dogs And Spirits

People around the world and throughout history have held the belief that dogs can see those who have
passed on, or interact with them in some way.

Every culture has built their own legends and stories revolving around their pets interacting with spirits.

It would be hard to do research and find somewhere that didn't have stories like this at some point in their history.

Dogs have been a part of civilization for thousands of years and they have become embedded in the spiritual history of the world.


the wild hunt

The Wild Hunt is one of the most well known legends in Ireland.

The Wild Hunt involves a band of ghostly riders led by spectral hounds on a hunt to collect souls of the dead or dying.

It has been known that people were sometimes unwittingly pulled from their bodies, souls called to join the hunt for all eternity.

Seeing the Wild Hunt often meant that a disaster was looming, usually a plague or war.

In Ireland, it is believed that dogs can see the hounds that lead the Wild Hunt.

They would bark or howl at the sky where the hunt took place, warning their owners that the Wild Hunt was approaching.

Sometimes dogs would run away never to be seen again, and it was assumed that the dog had become one of the spectral
hounds in the Wild Hunt.


dogs that see ghosts

The Aztec and Tarascan tribes of Mexico both believed that their dogs would protect them against spirits.

Their loyal companions had the ability to see the spirits around them and would provide protection against
any spirits that had ill intent.

Both tribes always buried their dead with dogs at their sides.

This ensured that the dogs would be able to protect the dead against evil spirits and guide them through the underworld to

The Tarascan Tribe and Dogs

The Tarascan tribe also believed that burying a dog would allow them to move on and become a “spirit dog.”

These spirit dogs would be able to move on to the afterlife and aid those who needed it.

Spirit dogs were most well known for finding deceased who hadn't been buried and were lost, souls unable to move on.

Spirit dogs would guide their souls to the afterlife and lay them to rest peacefully.

This prevented the lost dead from haunting the living and becoming an angry spirit because they cannot move on.


The Mayans also had their own version of the spirit dog much like in Mexico.

Their spirit dog also helped to guide the dead.

They kept them on the correct path in the underworld, allowing the dead to reach paradise safely.

Without a spirit dog to act as a guide, spirits could lose their way on the path to paradise and become lost, unable to rest peacefully.

Dogs were always buried respectfully and with great care so that when they joined the afterlife, they were whole and able to become a spirit dog without any struggle.


In Persian culture, dogs were extremely important.

In ancient history, they were associated with divine beings.

Their scriptures spoke in length about how dogs should be treated.

Anyone who abused or mistreated a dog was looked down upon and harshly penalties were inflicted upon the abuser.

Dogs were divine beings and no exceptions were made.

When someone passed away, their dog would be the one to greet them at the bridge to the underworld.

If the deceased treated their dog with love and respect throughout their life, the dog would welcome them into the afterlife and paradise beyond.

However, if the deceased did not treat their dog well the dog would deny them entry and send them to wander the underworld for eternity.

The chances of reaching paradise always rested on how someone treated their dog.

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Egyptian culture had a strong relationship with their gods and the dog.

They had a god named Anubis who resembled a jackal.

Anubis's role in the afterlife was to guide the souls of the dead to the Hall of Truth, where the dead would be judged by Osiris and either sent to the Underworld or Paradise.

Dogs were always treated well in Egypt and whenever they passed on, dogs were carefully buried in respect.

It was known that dogs could see wandering spirits and help guide them to Anubis to be judged accordingly.

When they were buried, dogs were treated with ceremonies and rituals, usually buried at special temples.

If it was able to be afforded, the owners of the dog would have them mummified.

This was to allow the dog to peacefully pass on to the afterlife – The Field of Reeds – where they would be able to continue a happy life
just like the one they had while living.


So, can a dog see spirits?

I'll let you be the judge of that, but the rich and full history of the dog and the spirit world goes back a long way.

The many myths and legends that have ranged across cultures and history offer overwhelming evidence to the positive.

While myths and legends may be just that, they are often based on facts.

And as it can be plainly seen in the modern day, dogs are able to sense things beyond peoples perceptions.

Blunt Instrument Doesn't Mean It Doesn't Exist

Just because there is no scientific data to back up the idea that dogs can sense or see spirits doesn't mean it isn't true.

The ability for people to comprehend spirits may be completely past our abilities, at least for some people.

That doesn't mean that dogs have the same limitations, which they clearly don't have.

Ancient cultures from Egyptian to Mayan placed their trust in dogs to guide them during life and death.

That cannot be taken lightly.


Because they saw what people see now.

Dogs have a connection to the afterlife just as they do to their living owners.

They should be respected for the role they play.

Treat dogs well as it is important to treat every living being well.

While it could be hard to watch their strange behaviors and know that they see something otherworldly, don't be afraid.

Dogs Are Protecting and Guiding Us

Perhaps the spirit in the corner is a lost soul that the dog would be able to help move on to the afterlife.

Or it could be a malicious entity that the dog is trying to drive away and send to the underworld where it belongs.

Maybe in the future people or technology will evolve enough so that what dogs sense could be shared by all.

When that happens all doubt will surely vanish and people will embrace the talents that their pets have had for eons.

For now, though, trust must be placed in our four-legged companions.

They know what they see and have known for countless generations, all the way to the dog sitting beside you.

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