Ancestral Healing | What It Is And How You Can Learn It Today!

Ancestral healing is a ritualistic, personal, and spiritual process.

The healing ritual helps you to repair, connect, and build relationships with your loving and knowledgeable ancestors.

Many of us have had the need to feel a sense of belonging, feeling disconnected from the people that have brought us to the present.

Throughout history, different races and cultures have experienced the reality of being repressed, almost wiped out, displaced from their homes.

The consequences of such actions and the oppression of certain peoples have left a wound that current generations feel.

Ancestral healing allows the repair of the connections between you and your ancestors.

It opens up the pathways to understand the burdens you have inherited, along with the gifts that should be cherished.

The approach to this form of healing is a ritual that helps you to find the guidance of your ancestors by blood.

The ritual can use and combine any number of steps like meditations, trances, and dreaming.

To practice ancestral healing, no prior experience is required, but it is helpful to have knowledge of how to work with spirit guides beforehand.

Who Are Your Ancestors?

Who Are Your Ancestors?

The ancestors are the both the long since dead and the recently perished.

They are those who came before you and have become embedded in the energy of the world.

Their spirits have become intertwined with the currents that go all the way back to your origins.

It doesn't matter if you are aware of it or not.

Good And Bad Energies From Your Ancestors

The ancestors are linked to you, and those ties can impact your life positively or negatively.

It all depends on the relationship you have with them and how you move forward.

Ascertain cultures had elders, the ancestors are your elders.

By creating a bright and open relationship with your ancestors, the benefits are immeasurable.

It can assist them by knowing they are aiding the next generation to a better future and it helps you to understand what those in the past went through.

Any unresolved issues the ancestors had can also be solved by opening up a relationship with them.

You are the living connection and that should be honored.

Act with the knowledge that you have a linage looking down with hope.

Benefits Of Ancestral Healing

Benefits Of Ancestral Healing

Walking through life with the linage of ancestors at your side can be transformative.

They understand your strengths, weaknesses, and how to help you find the path you were meant to be on.

Through teachings, they will help you become more resilient, determined, and whole.

Negative family actions that have happened for generations can be stopped at you merely by learning from your ancestors.

The ancestors can also be relied upon for assistance in hard times.

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Your Ancestors Will Guide You In Harsh Times

They will be able to ground you to reality and help you understand that the bad times will pass.

When major life changes come up and a choice can feel impossible, their decades of experience can help you make the best choice.

With access to this wellspring of knowledge, self-improvement is impossible to not have happened.

Perhaps long-standing family feuds and other disagreements could be ended with help from the ancestors.

Also with the ancestors comes a new appreciation of the Earth around you.

Often people who open a connection become more involved with the environment, either by starting a garden, going on more walks,
or becoming engaged in activism groups.

The combined experience of the Earth across generations truly shows how the Earth should be treated.

Ancestral Healing Techniques

Ancestral Healing Techniques

There are many different goals in ancestral healing.

Some of them may be more prevalent in certain families.

The most important ones to each family should be focused on first and then the lesser next.

If a technique doesn't work, move on.

Holding on because you think it should be working will only harm you and your ancestors.

Both you and your lineage will see the benefits if you quickly cast aside failures and see the bright future ahead.

Healing Firsts

  • Healing with the oldest ancestors who may not be remembered or have names
  • Healing with the recently passed and remembered dead
  • Build a relationship with the lineage on both your mothers and fathers side
  • Ground, heal and become vibrant within yourself
  • Assess the wellness of your ancestors and focus on those who need the most assistance first

Balance Your Ancestors Needs With Your Own

There is a delicate balance between understanding your ancestor's needs and your own needs.

Even the long-deceased deserve to have their emotional needs soothed, along with yours.

Keeping this balance can feel difficult, but as the relationship between yourself and the ancestors grow, you will come to understand one
another deeply and how to help each other.

The techniques used to heal the ancestors and yourself vary wildly.

Spending time with them and understanding their unresolved problems is a great technique.

Having their problems be heard and acknowledged can be soothing to the ancestors.

The same goes for yourself.

Sometimes the ancestors may want to see what happened to their land, or family members who are still alive.

That can also be assisted with.

Each technique won't work for everyone.

It will take time to discover what you and your ancestors will do best with.

Talk with them.

Ask them how they feel about the progress being made and don't hesitate to shift paths if you or they aren't seeing success.

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Ancestral Prayer

Ancestral Prayer

The opening to ancestral prayers can be done in a couple of different ways, depending on what you are most comfortable with.

Some people prefer to remain formal to the ancestors and treat them like any other god or goddess.

If you usually say “Dear God,” to begin a prayer, then to the ancestors it could be “Dear Ancestors.”

There are also other formal options like “Blessed Ancestors,” “Great Ancestors,” or “Beloved Ancestors.”

Then move onto the main part of the prayer.

More relaxed openings are also perfectly normal.

Many people don't feel comfortable talking to their ancestors in such a manner.

An opening statement can be more like a conversation that would happen on any other day.

“Hello, Ancestors,” “Greetings Ancestors,” “Good Day Ancestors.”

Your Ancestors Are Family.

There doesn't need to be a formal opening statement, but stick with whichever is more comfortable.

After a greeting, it is polite to express gratitude for the ancestors continuing to be a presence in your life.

Thank the ancestors, but don't go overboard.

Too many expressions of thanks can seem not genuine.

Then you can move onto the next piece of the prayer.

Sometimes it can be asking for help with making a tough choice in your life or advice after an argument in the family.

It could be any number of things.

The most important part is to remain polite.

Ask And You'll Usually Get Answers

During the prayer you can also request that any ancestors in need pass on what help they require.

A big part of ancestral healing is helping the ancestors with their unresolved problems.

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Work with them just as they work with you.

They are family and just as they care about you, you should care about them and return the effort.

To close an ancestral healing prayer, it can be done informally or formally, just like the opener.

Formal options include “so mote it be,” “let it come to pass.”

More informal options are “good night,” “that's all for today,” or “goodbye.”

Your ancestors are fathers, mothers, uncles, cousins.

Talk to them like they are.

Make it more of a conversation, a give, and take.

That can make it more comfortable for them as well.


There are plenty of books and other resources out there to learn more about ancestral healing.

Like with everything else, it is important to make sure the information is accurate and not misleading or completely wrong.

Connecting with your ancestors is important and it would be upsetting for everything to go wrong because you trusted the wrong info.

Sometimes it could take a while to reach your ancestors.

This is very true if you are trying to reach those who have been dead for generations.

They may not be looking for a call from a living descendant.

Be patient and polite, keep trying. It may be easier to try and reach out to more recently passed, but that is an experience that can be clouded by grief.

Either way, keep an open mind and clear heart.

Join a Group

It is a good idea to join a group of people who also practice ancestral healing.

They may have knowledge that you would find helpful to build a better relationship with your ancestors.

They could also help to alleviate any fears, misconceptions, and help you to connect with ancestors who are far back in the lineage.

Connecting with your ancestors and conducting healing not only helps you but your ancestors.

There shouldn't be any fear to give ancestral healing a try.

If at first, you don't see success, don't give up!

Keep going and the rewards will be numerous!

Here Is a Short Video of a Prayer

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