A Guide To Spiritual Surgery | How Psychic Surgery Really Works

Spiritual surgery or (Psychic Surgery), is a deeply pleasant experience and something that won't easily be forgotten.

It can also be intense and is best prepared ahead of time so that the effects are amplified positively.

To really appreciate this type of healing, it should be learned about.

This guide will cover everything from the procedure itself, how to prepare, and the history of it.

So read on and wash away any nervousness about psychic surgery.

What Is Spiritual Surgery?

What Is Spiritual Surgery?

It is an intense method of healing by way of entering a deep trance and forming a bond between a medium and the spirit world.

It can also be called something like aura surgery, energy healing, and soul healing.

The surgery helps to free our energy or soul from harmful beliefs, burdens, and experiences.

The frequencies put out by ourselves when we have filled ourselves up with negative thoughts and experiences can be cleansed.

The result is that you are brought into balance and a healthier state of being.

Once the process is complete and surgery has been a success, it allows the recipient to act without being guided by inner turmoil that held them back previously.

The Surgeon Needs Strong Bonds With the Spiritual World

For the surgery to be successful, the medium must have a strong connection with the spirit world.

They have to give themselves over completely to the spirit world and become in tune with the high vibrations.

By doing so, those vibrations work through the medium and perform the operation.

The medium has to learn how to let go of their higher consciousness and actions so that the connection is a strong one.

Finding a Medium to Perform Psychic Surgery

Finding a Medium to Perform Psychic Surgery

Finding a medium nearby is as easy as doing a Google search.

But finding one that resonates with you, and who can perform psychic surgery could take longer.

Don't pick the first medium you meet.

Take the time to talk to them, get to know their methods and beliefs.

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The most important thing is that you and the medium work well together.

The medium should understand what your needs are and offer their experience to help better raise the chances of good surgery.

If you can't find a medium right away, don't hesitate to branch out to areas that are a little further away.

If none of the mediums near you resonate well, don't settle for one of them anyway.

By doing so, it lowers the chances that the surgery will go well.

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The Procedure of Spiritual Surgery

No! There will be no use of scalpels or other sharp objects. 😅

I know that it can be hard to get away from the thought about real surgery.

That was my only thoughts when I first started to research the procedure.

Anyway, here's how it works..

During the spiritual surgery operation, the medium connects with their spiritual guide and works as a medium for the spirit world.

Some mediums describe it as stepping into a room full of light and love.

However, that isn't the only way mediums experience it.

There are countless ways, and each of them is personal to the medium in question.

Through the vibrations, the medium has the ability to work within the aura of the recipient and bring healing.

Pleasant Warm Feelings

Throughout the surgery, the client often feels pleasant feelings like warmth and tingling, or other positive emotions.

There can also be slight pain and if they are connected with the procedure, they can see pictures of their own surgery in their mind.

All of the negative energy is destroyed.

This can bring brief anger as old experiences and feelings are pulled back to the surface so they can be removed.

It also may take several surgeries
before the surgery and the healing is complete.

Once the surgery has been completed, even if another one will be needed, there should always be a time of rest.

Like With Real Surgery, Rest is Important

Three days or more is a good period of time for the recipient to rest.

During this time of rest, the body will recover from the surgery and allow the full effects to be felt.

During the rest, the body can heal even further.

Like a physical surgery, where your body must rest to heal the wound, it is much the same for spiritual surgery.

Throughout the healing process, media should be left behind.

No television, movies, radio or music.

Don't read books.

Keep outside information from entering the body and slowing, or halting the healing process.

The healing post-surgery should be about ones-self and their connection with the spirit world around them.

Writing down everything that happened during the surgery and after can help as well.

Write down thoughts, dreams, and most importantly, what the spiritual world is trying to pass on.

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How To Prepare For Spiritual Surgery And See Success

How To Prepare For Spiritual Surgery And See Success

Accept that the procedure might be uncomfortable, or slightly painful. (mentally)

But the majority of the time will be pleasant.

It is perfectly normal to be nervous, or afraid about doing it.

Ask the pressing questions you have beforehand, and not during the surgery.

Interrupting psychic surgery harms the connections between the medium and the spiritual world.

It also hurts the chances of concentrating on yourself and healing further.

After the procedure is done you will see why it was worth all of the nerves beforehand.

If the surgery isn't successful on the first attempt, don't be discouraged.

Spiritual surgery can take multiple sessions depending on the depth of the damage.

Be Still And Stay In Position

During the surgery it can be tempting to shift positions, either because of nerves, or because a new position would be more comfortable.

But think of it this way.

Surgery has to take place in certain ways.

Heart surgery cannot be carried out if the patient is laying on their stomach.

A back surgery couldn't be done with the patient on their back.

Either way, it would be impossible for those surgeries to be completed.

By staying in the correct position, the surgery can be done.

When the medium positions you, stay still.

The medium knows what they are doing, so trust them.

The way you are positioned can dramatically change the outcome of the surgery.

By shifting out of position, it means that you are rebelling against the best position for surgery success.

Don't Sabotage Your Own Surgery

Get into the needed position and stay there for the duration of the surgery, no question.

Being temporarily uncomfortable will be well worth it.

If you have any concerns, talking to the medium beforehand will help alleviate any worries.

Trust The Medium And Do Not Resist

Are you afraid that you might miss something during the procedure?

It is natural to want the surgery to go according to plan, but interfering won't end well for you or the medium conducting the procedure.

Up to this moment, it was important to build a relationship with the medium so that there was no distrust between yourselves.

Just let go.

Trust in what will happen.

Relax on the table and cease talking.

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Close your eyes and talk deep breaths, then blow out all of the tension you have been holding onto.

Before and after surgery there will be time to ask questions about what to expect.

I know that I stress this, but it really is important to have a good connection to the medium that you choose to help you.

If not, you won't be able to relax enough.

Be Quiet – Words Aren't Needed

Your mouth can be the worst enemy.

Nonstop talking and asking question stops the healing and transformation of energies.

Self-doubt, expression of fear, and negative speech can further sink the recipient into the grip of the bad energies and thoughts that are supposed to be healed.

Talking like this before the surgery only enforces the traps you have found themselves in.

You could be in the best position possible before the surgery, but it never actually happens because you keep talking.

Find your center and be at peace.

Don't disturb the medium while they are trying to set up for the surgery.

Doing so is disrespectful and the medium might carry their frustrations with them into the spirit world, which is never good.

Watch How a Real Procedure Can Look


Spiritual surgery is a long and involved process, from finding a medium to conducting the surgery itself and any subsequent procedures.

Depending on where you live, mediums with this skill can be hard to find.

A medium that you get along with and trust can take even longer.

Build a relationship between the medium and yourself.

Ask questions, become comfortable with what will happen.

Understand that mediums have been doing spiritual surgeries for years and will continue to do so for years to come.

Embrace the healing power of spiritual surgeries and find a medium today.

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